Synopsis Of Sex And The City

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Here is a short synopsis of Sex and the City show:

It is based on the uninteresting or “happening” lives of 4 best friends, who share with each other the details of their personal lives. The women are the residents of New York city, and even in one of  the most happening and “live” cities of the world, the women face difficulty in finding a partner for themselves, and of course sticking together for long.

The show focuses on how these women deal with the problems of their lives, taking support and guidance from each other; and how they lead the lives of being a woman in the era of the 1990s (which gradually moves into the 2000s). The show gained a lot of popularity, especially amongst the women population, and still is considered to be a popular TV show being telecasted on various channels. The show is also thought of as the pioneer is starting the trend of dressing well, and being fashionable for the women in general.