Why Visit Tallinn?

Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia is one of the most popular stopovers, especially in cruises, where the risteily tallinna being one which is the most booked. The capital of Estonia has since been a place where medieval trade takes place, and is therefore considered one of the treasures of the Baltic area, most likely due to its location relative to other countries in the said area. This trading has resulted to trading of more than just goods, but of culture and ideas as well. The following are just a few of the many specific reasons as to why you should make it a point to visit Tallinn.

Get a Feel of the 18th Century

If you wish to immerse yourself in Medieval History, then Tallinn, Estonia is definitely one of the places you could be able to effectively do so. This is because a lot of the art and architecture has pretty much been preserved by the people who are living there, with the strongest giver of the 18th Century “feels” being the sample handmade chocolates which has somehow managed to stick with the tradition.

Enhance and Feed Your Creative Juices

If you’re into contemporary art, then Tallinn, Estonia is definitely the best place for you! This is because Estonia’s capital houses TelliskiviLoomelinnak or the Creative City, which is the largest of its kind, offering you concepts in natural products, interior design, and the like, with as many as 400 cultural events taking place here within a year.

Witness Beautiful Scenery

A trip to anywhere would basically not be complete without getting to witness beautiful scenery. Having said that, some of the great places to visit is Kadriorg Park, as well as Bastion passages in Old Tallinn, known for being a significant part of History.