The Irony Of Film Criticism

I am no advocate for or against any premise related to film criticism, am just a concerned person who would like to better understand the dynamics and the criteria for certain absurd and unreasonable criticism of a movie.

Film criticism as I understand it is simply the ability to appraise the creativity of a production using literature terms or perhaps info graphs for less ambiguity. This is the narrative that led to my curiosity and utter dismay. I occasionally watch movies online on accredited sites to refresh and perhaps catch up on something discussion worthy with colleagues at work and on this specific day I stumble upon a few new movies that just hit the market. I was really hyped and wanted to quickly take a peek at the reviews from movie critics as this would enable me muster up some excitement and to my disappointment I saw really poor ratings which was quite discouraging and I wondered if I still wanted to invest valuable time and subscription plan on a poorly rated movie but then, I had time to kill so I went in head first.

Hours later I had devoured four great movies with the craziest stories and world class effects. This was where I lost it. I am no professional film critic and I don’t have any formal training on what the benchmark is for grading the hard work of these producers but I know a most entertaining mind blowing masterpiece when I see one and these were around that radar. Perhaps this had to do with some form of a union, an internal politics we are not aware of, or maybe just an expectation from the adverts or perhaps the posters that wasn’t met.  Who is to say or vouch for the state of mind of these critics while they disburse less than flattering criticisms to flawless work?

Perhaps a more analytical method of criticisms can be imbibed when critics not only score but also give a breakdown of limitations, expectations and disparities between a similar works which was better favored