Why People Are Using Marijuana In Drugs?

People are addicted to take drugs these days only to have fun and satisfaction. However there are many drugs which are famous and people are taking them in order to get mind relaxation. People are using drugs just because of addiction and they can’t live without taking them twice in a day. The drugs like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana which people are using a lot. Some of people are smoking marijuana extract by filling in the cigarettes and many of them are using in the form of paper shot, bong, chillum and water bong.

Marijuana is considered as one of the most abused drugs in the world and some people thought that it is legal in some of the states. However it is said that when people are using more marijuana in drugs form then they decrease their sex power in short time.

Hemp Indian marijuana

Marijuana is coming from the Indian plant called hemp and the drug contain in the part of marijuana flowers, leaves and stems. Marijuana is sold after a mixture of all three parts of hemp plant when they are properly dried and it is used in the form of smoking. When people take one dash of marijuana smoke then they feel more relaxed but on the same time they feel hungrier and eyes are getting red. It is said that people are using this drugs to concentrate on one particular work but it is just an excuse to take drug.

Not legal in some states

However in some states marijuana is not legal because they know that people are spending their whole life in smoking marijuana dried extracts and they die soon. Is marijuana is legal in Illinois? No it is not legal in Illinois whether in the form of cultivation, trafficking, sale, and possession is crime in Illinois.

Even 2.5 gram of marijuana is punishable with fine. However it is considered as one of the biggest crime if people are using marijuana extract as drugs.