6 Easy Steps To Protect Your PC From Hackers

With so much time that people spend online, it is really important that protect their PC from hackers. Besides, system security files such as Liutilities file extension there are several tips that you should follow for improved security from online attacks. 

  1. The first layer of protection is the installation of any credible and latest anti-virus software. You can invest in a paid version as well for improved security. An up to date anti-virus will provide you security against most of the online attacks along with a safe browsing experience. 
  2. As you keep your Windows up to date you get the latest security updates as well which are really helpful against online attacks and virus programs. You can even turn ON Windows firewall in order to prevent viruses and hackers to install any unauthorized program.
    The firewall program is a pre-installed program that is there to prevent the installation of any unauthorized program on your PC. You can see the firewall icon at the right-bottom of your screen. A green symbol there indicates that everything is working normally while yellow and red indicate problems.

  3. As you use the latest browser for browsing you get additional security as with every update the security of these browsers is also improved. Instead of using Internet Explorer you can easily use other credible browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firebox for a much better online experience. 
  4. Opening emails that have virus programs attached in them is a really common way through which people get their PCs hacked. This is where you should always avoid such fishy emails as they are just a waste of time. You can easily recognize such emails with their structure and how they always ask you to submit your personal details. 
  5. Windows also offer a Malicious software removal tool that you can use in order to completely delete any software that is harmful to your computer.
  6. Lastly, if you still face any issue you can use a boot CD to scan your PC properly and remove any malicious software or program that is there in your hard disk.


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