Accessible PDF Search Engines

You won’t really appreciate PDF finders unless there comes a time when you actually relevant PDFs for studies or there are books that caught your attention and hardcopies aren’t available. Searching for PDFs may sound easy at first but it depends heavily on the topic; unique books or topics are incredibly difficult to find. Some of you might have even lost hope after a dozen or so keyword searches. The perfect solutions to these problems may be found in PDF search engines like and

PDF Finder

PDF Finders typically look just like any search engines out there and they’re as easy to use. displays a simple search engine and all that’s left is to type in the tile or the topic that you want to search for. Numerous search results will come out and we highly recommend that scanning the top searches. Of course the ones found a few pages back can be incredibly helpful but it’s a rare occurrence; much like when you don’t actually open the second page of a Google search results since they’re way off track. Also, who has enough time to actually scan more than two pages of results?

PDF Search Engine is not exclusive to searches for PDFs, the website also offers searches for TXT files, CHM Files, RTF Files and Word Files. To change the targeted format, just click on the options right below the search bar and you’re good to go.

As of today, PDF Search Engine has over five hundred million PDF books and files in their archives; with those many books and files there’s bound to be one related to the topic or title that you need. Another feature of the PDF Search Engine is that the files are available for free and users don’t have to pay for anything.


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