All You Need To Know About Insulated Piercing Connectors

When an electrician joins a high and low voltage wires with the help of insulated piercing connectors at that moment cable lugs used as the connectors. The insulated piercing connectors perform work in order to transfer electricity from high-power line to home electricity line. Before this, you need to place wiring in the home with the help of any expert or professional technician or electrician. Many different products and connectors are used by them in order to connect the whole wiring together.


Use of cable lugs in wiring

These connectors are mainly known as the cable lugs. These connectors play an important role in the wiring of the home in order to work properly. These connectors are available in the market in different types such as; rubber, metal and so on. The manufacturers of insulated piercing connectors use world’s best material in order to make it strong and by which its price is not increased. The whole structure of the insulated piercing connectors is based on the bolts and it makes the grip of this device on the cables. The insulated piercing connector is manufactured by using best material by which it becomes able to face the climatic changes. This device easily transfers the voltage of 6 KV in moisture or rainy condition without any damage.

The use of rubber and grease in its production provide a seal and makes it waterproof. In this electrical device, a cap is used which is known as the end cap and this cap protects the bolts from the water. You can easily change the position of the end cap according to the needs. With the help of these things insulated piercing connectors easily restrict the water in order to reach the branch and main line connection place.


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