Arnold Natural Flax And Fiber Bread

We really like eating as many natural foods as possible. A loaf of bread was one of the items on our list when we went to the supermarket. After reading many labels for a few different loaves of bread we decided to buy a loaf of the “Arnold Natural Flax  Fiber Bread”. This is one of the most famous brands when it comes to fiber bread. However, there are lots of people that are allergic to this bread because of the nuts and other ingredients used in them. If you are unaware of your allergies you can check out the Allergy test in the UK to learn about your food allergies if you have any. 

I truly enjoy reading the labels and the packaging on the different items we purchase at the supermarket. The “Arnold Natural Flax Fiber Bread” label let me know that it was 100% all-natural with 16 grams of whole grains and 4 grams of fiber per slice. Some of the ingredients include wheat germ, flaxseeds, and oats.

The package also explains that the “Arnold Natural Flax Fiber Bread” follows a “Natural Heritage” since 1940, when Dean and Betty Arnold opened up a bakery in Connecticut with a mission to make premium bread with a taste as close as possible to “Homemade Quality”.

The bread package also lists in all capital letters the fact that the bread is made: “All Natural with no artificial flavors, no colors, no preservatives, no corn syrup, and no trans fats”.

  • Arnold Foods Co., Inc. is located in Horsham, PA 19044.
  • Their telephone number is 1-800-984-0989.
  • Their company website

After you click on the “Healthy Lifestyle” tab of the Arnold website, the “Grain Facts” section explains that the government suggests that at least half of one’s daily carbohydrates should come from heart-healthy whole grains. Whole grains contain the total amount of the natural grain without anything removed as it is done do make white flour.

By following the above “Grain Facts” link, you can visit this direct link where you can specifically read a description of “The Arnold Natural Flax  Fiber Bread”. At the bottom of the page, Arnold also offers a feature if you want to find out where you can buy this bread. You simply enter your zip code; click the arrow at its right and you will be given the name or names of the nearby stores that carry this bread.

For a serving size of one slice, some of the nutrition facts from the bread packaging include 80 calories, total fat of 1.5g, with 3g of sugar, and 4g of dietary fiber.

For a quick and easy lunch, my wife prepared each of us a sandwich on the “Arnold Natural Flax  Fiber Bread” using pepper loaf cold cuts and tomato slices. The bread complemented the cold cuts and gave the sandwich a very nice taste.

I was told by my doctor to increase my fiber intake. This “Arnold Natural Flax Fiber Bread” proved to be a tasty way to increase my fiber intake! We will continue to look for more sales for this delicious whole grain bread.


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