Asia: The Land Of Diversity

Asia is currently trending as a place of relocation for many. A lot are starting to see what the fuss is about and wants to move in and settle in Asia.If you’re going to ask why then for starters Asia has a lot to offer you. It is rich in history with diverse culture. It is also known for its great food, great people and more opportunities.Not to mention, the cost of living in Asia is way cheaper.

If you are considering moving in here are countries that you should secure a property in Asia. In Asia, every day is an adventure.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is Southeast Asia’s most popular country. It is now surrounded with thousands of retirees from other countries. You can live under $1000 per month yet still have the same lifestyle back at home. There are two places recommended for you. Chiang Mai, located at the north part of the country, is the cheapest place to be. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, also has a variety of accommodations you can choose from. For instance, you can own a property and build a house.There are also apartments, guesthouses, hotels, condos and mansions. You can choose whatever you want at your luxury!

  1. Philippines

Philippines is known for its very strategic location. It is made up of thousands of islands. Some of its beaches have never been touched by man and yet still as stunning and majestic. If you are a person who seeks exploration and adventure then Philippines is just the right country for you! The cost of living is also way cheaper compared to Thailand thus you can travel every now and then yet still own your own place. Filipinos, the country’s locals, are also known to be great at speaking in English which will be great for you!

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is currently most retirees favorite. Aside from the fact that it is easy to buy a home in the country, it is the most westernized country. As a retiree, it is packed with everything you want and need. It has good infrastructures, improved health care and islands to visits.

  1. Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia is known not only to its locals or in Asia but to the whole world. If you visit Bali once then you will definitely know why and will definitely want to come back. It has a unique beauty that would definitely attract you plus it doesn’t feel very westernized.


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