Awards And Experiences That Put Dallas Horton And Associates Ahead Of The Competition

After a simple search for personal injury lawyers on your browser, it’s safe to say that we’re not lacking in available choices. Despite the wide array of choices, practice care in choosing; invest appropriate time and effort in researching about a lawyer or a firm. Don’t enjoy all the searching and reading? We’ll suggest a well sought-after firm, none other than the Dallas Horton and Associates. See their awards list here alongside the experience that differentiates them from similar firms.


Dallas Horton and Associates

If we think about it, earning an award given by associates in a profession is a big milestone; there are dozens of candidates and winning signifies that the majority acknowledged something that you exude or offer which can’t be found anywhere else at the moment. Below are just some of the awards that Dallas Horton and Associates earned:

  • Top 100 Mean of the Year in Las Vegas from 2015 to 2017
  • Nevada’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers awarded by the National Trial Lawyers
  • Legal Excellence Award in 2017
  • Top 100 High Stakes Litigator in America
  • Top Lawyers awarded by Vegas Inc. in 2013
  • Morning Blend News Show’s Guest Legal Contributors

The man behind the firm, Dallas Horton himself, has taken up numerous personal injury cases from 1996. Keep in mind that Dallas Horton and Associates is experienced from other fields of law outside of personal injury law. By visiting their website, you can read up on the laws that they excel in, services offered and additional details that may sway your ‘maybe’ into a definite ‘yes’ in hiring them. For any and all inquiries and verifications, you may contact them through their online contact page, email addresses or visit their physical office; take note of their business hours.


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