Babies on Airplanes 101

There is nothing more stressful to a parent than having a small child on an airplane. So many things could go wrong. The baby could get sick, have a temper tantrum, get scared, or have a blow-out diaper. In order to prepare for your airplane journey you must think of absolutely every scenario and plan accordingly. No flight will be perfect. If you plan ahead, your airplane ride with your baby will be much less stressful. Moreover, with flight charter services you get a lot of options and services as you travel around with your baby. You and you can baby can travel comfortably as you opt for these services. 


Packing food for your child has many different purposes. First, it is much handier to have food your child likes on hand. Buying food in the airport can be time consuming and difficult. Second, food in an airplane will distract your baby temporarily. It is just one more way to keep your child occupied. The third reason to bring food for your child on an airplane is the air pressure. If your baby munches on food while you are ascending and descending, it will assist his/her ears when adjusting to the increased air pressure. The chewing jaw movement will help to pop the ears.

Book Accordingly

When you book your flight, keep your baby in mind. For example, try not to take a red eye flight. Try to keep the flight times as doable as possible for your child. Also, if you have a connecting flight, do your best to have the perfect amount of layover. This may be an hour, or an hour and a half. Short layovers are bad because they don’t give your child enough time to stretch his/her legs. Long layovers are bad because your child is stuck in an airport for too long and can become irritable. Try for the perfect medium when flying in airplanes.

Extra Seat or Not

When you purchase your airplane tickets, you will find that a child under the age of 2 does not need to purchase a seat. The airline must know about the baby, but it is not necessary to actually purchase a seat. My advice is: if you can afford it, buy your baby his/her own seat. It allows them more room to stretch and move. Also, if your child doesn’t have a seat, there is no way to fasten his/her seat belt. As a matter of fact, it isn’t even a regulation for a baby under 2 to be in a car seat even if they have their own set on the airplane. Car seats provide the best protection for your baby in the case of turbulence. Use your best judgment.

When you decide to travel with a young child on an airplane, begin to plan ahead early. The more prepared you are, the less stress there will be on the flight. Just keep in mind that your baby will get through the airplane ride and so will you, just in case things get hairy.


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