Some Basic Rules Of Tennis For Beginners!

Tennis is a major sport that has been originated in England, but with the passage of time, it has been played in many countries around the world. There are many major tournaments and championships that held around the world. Tennis is a game with rules and regulations, and the beginners must learn how to play tennis with all the rules. Beginners must have proper knowledge about each and everything to become an expert and can know aboutthe poker games on BandarQQ.

Know the basic rules of tennis:-

  1. In the starting of the game, there is a coin toss that helps in determining which player will be the first to play and in which side they will serve.
  2. There are servers that keep on serving each point on the baseline from the alternative sides. If there is no point, then the server moves his feet towards the baseline.
  3. There is a great advantage that if a server fails to get the first serve, then they can take the second serve whereas if they fail in the second serve also then that will be known as the point lost.
  4. The number of shots in between the players can be limitless once the server starts making the shots.
  5. The ways the points are represented are 15 as 1, 30 as 2 and 40 as 3 points.
  6. A server needs a minimum 4 points to win the game and if the game ties, then it is known as deuce.
  7. It might happen the player touches the net or tries to distract the rival then it will not be counted a point.

A player must be known to all the basic rules in order to be an expert and must play the game accordingly. You can check out the above points and gain knowledge about the rules of tennis.


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