Beware about the Dangers of Talc Powder to you and your Family

It’s great to know about testogen reviews bodybuilding guide and other health tips today. But some dangers are usually hidden from the public by many manufacturers. Such as info about the dangers of talc powder to the body.

You probably exposed to talc on a daily basis without realizing it. Many common cosmetic products as bath powders, perfumed body powders, and even baby powders have talc added to them. In addition, a variety of other products have been found to have lower quantities of added talc including chalk, some soaps, and deodorants. Why should you be concerned about potential exposure to talc powder?

The dangers of talc have been well characterized by studies that show it to be similar in structure to asbestos, a well known cancer causing agent. Even more disturbing is a study that showed that women who used talc in their genital area had a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. This is particularly disturbing since this cancer has such a poor prognosis when diagnosed at an advanced stage.

Equally unsettling is the fact that talc has been associated with lung cancer when inhaled on a frequent basis. Many well meaning mothers routinely dust their babies with baby powder, completely unaware of the risk for inhalation of this potentially dangerous substance. There are even reports of infants dying from inhaling excessive amounts of baby powder containing talc. The dangers of talc to both babies and adults appear to be very real.

Even pets aren’t immune to the effects of talc powder. Talc is a common ingredient in flea powder which unsuspecting pet owners often sprinkle on their dogs to prevent fleas. They may be not only endangering the health of their dogs, but the well being of the entire family with this dangerous practice.

Because the particles of talc are so tiny, they can easily enter the lungs and set up an inflammatory reaction. This inflammatory reaction can cause short term problems such as pneumonia as well as chronic problems such as lung disease and cancer. Studies have shown that talc miners who are in contact with this substance on a daily basis have a higher rate of lung cancer as well as a higher rate of nonspecific mortality.

To reduce the dangers of talc exposure, make it a point to buy talc free products including talc free bath and body powders, facial powders, flea powders, and baby powders. If there’s any question as to whether a product you’re purchasing contains this harmful substance, call the manufacturer before purchasing it. It’s particularly important to avoid using any powder containing talc on babies or in the genital region of adults. Fortunately, there are now talc free body powders available which will eliminate exposure to this harmful ingredient. Many of these powders are all natural and safe for the whole family to use on a daily basis.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to protecting the health of you and your family. Avoid the dangers of talc by reading labels and being aware of the small print on the bottles of cosmetic products you purchase. It just might save your life.


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