Some Black Ops 4 Hacks To Be Aware Of

Even if it’s one of the newest games, released, having been out in shelves just last month, Black Ops 4, already has users giving out and making people aware of bo4 hack procedures that are getting done, in order for others to get a better advantage of the game. This is a matter that concerns all players of the game, as hacks will give them an unfair advantage over others, and will make them win more easily. With that said, here are some of the hacks that BO IIII players should be aware of.

Using “Emotes”

These gestures, which are fondly called “Emotes” by the members of the gaming community are used for the players to go peek in corners in various modes. This peeking will allow you to view your camera from a third-person point of view, and hence will make it much quicker for you to find your enemies, and vice versa. Changes to this setup is currently in the works, where there would now be two different modes for gestures. The first mode is the default system, and the other one, a competitive version, applies more different camera settings which would prevent seeing around corners. The latter will be designed for modes where a restrictive system for cameras is needed, and the other one will be used whenever corner peeking will not get in the way with the balance of gameplay. In this manner, other players will no longer get an unfair advantage over others.

Other Hacks

Another fault in the system that Black Ops 4 people have to be aware of, which people can take an advantage of is the existence of map glitches, which would then help players find a way to go outside of it and shoot players from a safe distance.


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