Can I Ever Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

Every relationship has its crazy, overwhelming moments where caution is thrown to the wind and then allows our mood or ego lead the way and the aftermath is usually a complete mess. Ending a relationship may seem like a relief while in a grim mood until few days or weeks later you begin to realize there’s a huge vacuum in your life, one which has to be filled but unfortunately only your ex can fill. I know that feeling emptiness that makes the entire color in your life fade into two primary colors. The loneliness and the depression that comes when that one person who understood you and was always there for you is beyond reach. There is certainly a way out. This is how to get your ex boyfriend back.

Unlike women, men are less sensitive, more carefree. They desire to have a light heart, free from excess thoughts and worries. You need to figure out what that one thing is, that makes the both of you disagree. What is that one important deal breaker among others that broke the camel’s back? Once you find it you have to come to terms with it and be ready to compromise if need be.

Firstly, send texts to ask how he’s doing, this would make him understand that you still care. Call to check up on him also and kindly ask him to call you at a specified time that you would like to talk, and then wait. If he does call, be casual and set a date to meet and just hangout. If he shows up the quest is 60% complete. You are close now.

When you do meet, apologize and let him know u value him. Do not ask to reconnect! Just take the fall and move to other topics. By the end of that day he will call to ask if you would like to try again. Hmm…

I wonder what your answer would be…


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