Can Live Streaming Save The Poker Industry?

Technology is on rising, as everything that everyone knew of is changing into a highly modernized version. This is what is happening to the poker scene too. originally whether for tournament or cash purpose, the poker games were televised on one’s TV set. Usually, these televised versions were polished and broadcasted along with scripted commentary. But now one can watch a live game of poker like Domino QQ, and one can see a rise in the demand of players to play in the live streaming games.

Initially, it took some time among poker players to accept this new advancement as they did not want others to see and observe their tactics while playing. But lately, poker players are using this live streaming as a tool to analyze their performance and identify their leaks, this, in turn, has solved the problem of finding poker players who would want to play poker live.

benefits of live streaming

  • The biggest benefit is that live streaming of poker helps in attracting more people to play poker.
  • One can improve their playing skills and improve their weak points in a poker game so that they strategically increase their efficiency in the game.
  • Also one can get more effective feedback and criticism on one’s play which will help them in improving their games.
  • Another major benefit is that live streaming of a poker game makes the players popular in their community.

Getting a good audience and regular cash variety players is of utmost importance for most of the poker game operators and casinos. As live streaming helps in marketing one’s casino or online poker game like Domino QQ, the marketing and promotion costs have reduced significantly. Live streaming is something that the poker world needed to give it some push towards innovation and also helped in creating a larger fan base.


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