Car Rental Services For Travelers

Choosing a car rental service provider is like a gamble, you book a vehicle from a website that you saw and just hope for the best; friendly employees and staff, a clean vehicle, considerable prices, no hidden charges and so on. If you’re looking for an Otopeni rent a car service, look no further than It all began when the founders wanted to create an easier process for rental cars and from that small idea, Rental Cars has grown and expanded to become an international name with a foothold in numerous cities and countries.

Starting out back in 2004, they were named Travel Jigsaw and after only four short years they built a reputation that helped them earn thousands of bookings on a daily basis. By 2010, they already joined Priceline Group and was renamed Today, they cater to over 8 million bookings on an annual basis stretched across 53,000 locations in 160 countries. According to them, you should choose them for their incomparable value and safety all throughout the car rental process. Below is their general process:

  • Search for the car you hope to book alongside dates and the location.
  • Next, compare vehicles through the deals and reviews posted on the website.
  • After comparing all available options. It’s time to pick the vehicle of your choice and add all the extras that you prefer and click ‘book’.

  • They will be the ones to official book your confirmation with the chose car and company, once everything is all set then they’ll get back to you.
  • When it’s time to pick up the car, take the voucher, which is available in print or through your app, and leave valid IDs at the location.
  • Finally, you can have fun on your trip, their customer service is available throughout the process.


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