Checking the Review of Tales of Legendia

So this game is yet another of the Tales games. Interestingly, the Tales series is not very well known, but I have found it to be in fact a far more entertaining experience than the final Fantasy series. Alot of this has to do with the fact that the overworld plays like Final Fantasy, but the battles take place as a fighting match, such as in Mortal Kombat. Also the plots are more interesting, and less emo than FF.

Tales of Legendia is cel shaded, and has pretty average loading times, being a PS2 game. The main character is a guy named Luke who undergoes a personal journey froma spoiled brat to a mature adult. He is a melee character with the best stats, if not the best style, in my opinion. Other characters include a healer, a pure destruction magic user, combos of the 3 already mentioned, and a couple that are just totally out there. There can be up to 4 of the player’s characters on the screen at once. The player can take control of one of them, or set them all to auto and manage strategy, but thats not a very fun way to play at all. No matter who you choose on your team, make sure to include Luke, since you want his level/stats to be good. One of the things these games will do is take characters in and out of the plotline, so be prepared to save often. Luke will always remain, and many times will be your sole playable character. There are some really badass characters/personalities in this one btw. Sadly, once again there aren’t any non-white/japanese main characters.

There are many quests and side quests to be completed, and a few ultimate weapons to be found. Interestingly, there are many references to Jewish Kabbalism scattered throughout the game, especially the cities. I learned this after completion, as I was reading Dante’s Equation a few months later. The gaming options should be registered with the 안전놀이verification account. It should be the prime responsibility of the game developers.

An interesting mechanic of this game is the magic hotspot type mechanic. Basically, when magic attacks are performed, a circle of lingering elemental magic of that type remains. The game will help you to find out how you can find an attack to perform within this circle to combine its properties with your attack’s properties, making a stronger, newer attack.

Overall, I give this game a 9/10, because some of the story scenes could have been better. As usual, all major cut-scenes are anime. Any fans of RPGS should definitely get this game. It will occupy you for many hours, but overly long, like even the FF games will, or WoW. Fighting game enthusiasts should try this one as well, it is a good foray into RPGs, and is really just quite fun for any newcomer to this genre. The plot twists are pretty good, and the characters’ uniqueness is excellent(except for the main, once again).


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