Why Are College Students Fond Of The Eurogames?

Eurogames are a category of table-top games which are also known as designer board games or German-style board games. Eurogames are a popular form of board games among youngsters, particularly the age group who are college goers. Such games are distinctly different from American style of board games, which are theme-oriented and involve more drama, challenges and conflict compared to Eurogames. Below are few reasons why college students are fond of playing Eurogames.

  1. They are multiplayer

Like every board game, Eurogames are to be played with a group. Youngsters enjoy such games which involve other people for them to play with. Most Eurogames can accommodate up to six players which means you can play it with your college gang.

  1. They are interactive

Unlike many board games that are played silently, Eurogames demand discussion making them much more interactive, and thus quite enjoyable. Eurogames are suitable for social play, and can be played at any social gathering as well.

  1. No player elimination

Many of the young generation cannot take rejection or defeat lightly, even if it is a game. The best part of Eurogames which is loved by college students is the fact that it has no player elimination. Most of these games are designed keeping all players in the game for as long as possible. It also makes the games more competitive which college students enjoy.

  1. No place for luck or randomness

Another fantastic characteristic of Eurogames is the fact that most of them do not involve luck factors, like a dice. Whatever random element is there, if at all, is mostly restricted at the beginning of the game.

  1. Limited player conflict

Eurogames involve much less player conflict than other types of board games. Points need to be earned over resources rather than a direct combat ensuring a healthy competition. They also have a unique path to scoring points making them quite appealing for youngsters.


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