The common email drip campaign mistakes that one should avoid

Email marketing still is alive working wonders for some brands out there. With proper execution and strategies, it can help in marketing to a great extent. Also, there is something known as drip email marketing where it is a type of a campaign which is automated based on email with the help of you can send your contacts emails which are customized and scheduled.

Also, you will see that people tend to use temp mail and this service is beneficial as it helps in avoiding spam and keeps you safe.

What are some of the common email drip campaign mistakes that you should avoid?

No personalization:

everything in the email must be personalized. Right from the subject line to the body of the email. You can use tags so that all the relevant details are inserted appropriately. With tags, you can get off with the impersonal and old-fashioned way of addressing your contacts.

Poor grammar and spellings:

if your spellings are incorrect and the grammar used is poor then this mail will go as spam. So, you must make use of authentic software which will help you detect all the errors that are seen in your mail.

Not following up:

if you do not follow up then this is the first impression of being unprofessional. It is considered that after your sixth or seventh email you can stop following up but initially a follow up is truly essential. You can also follow up after 3-4 days rather than a week.

Do not use a single email subject line:

well, you mustn’t rely on one email subject line. You need to be able to keep testing the content and also do not forget to have a look at behavioral-based responses.


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