A Complete Guide On City Of Heroes- The Tanker

City of Heroes is MMORPG designed by Ncsoft. Players can either create original super heroes or model their favorite DC or Marvel characters like Superman, the Hulk, the Thing or Zephaniah Comic’s Glicion. The Tanker, the Big Man, is a must for even the smallest super team. Like his military namesake, the Tanker, can take a lot of damage and keep on smashing. Tankers have more hit points than any other character class.

Beside being damage sponges, Tankers have the best defenses in the game. Tankers choose from the following primary power sets: Invulnerability, Willpower, Dark, Ice and Stone Armor and Fiery Aura. Carefully choose your defensive power. Each Tanker has attacks they can laugh off and attacks that are their Achilles heel. For example Invulnerability Tankers have the best defense against Lethal and Smashing Attacks and no defense against Psionics. On the other hand, Stone Armor Tankers have a good all around defense but their stone armor greatly reduces their movement. Some powers, Fiery Aura and Dark Armor, have some offensive bite to them that has seen in Slot Indonesia while players having the indulge into the game. These Tankers can create a damaging aura that hurts nearby foes. This constant attack can bring a Tanker victory in a close match up.

Tankers secondary power set is melee. They can choose from Dark, Fiery, Ice, Energy and Stone Melee, Dual Blades, Super Strength, Battle Axe or War Mace. Unlike the Scrapper, Tanker melee attacks do not do double damage. Tankers will rarely defeat foes in 3 hits or less. They outlast their foes. Take every defensive power at your disposal. Select the melee power options that you like the best. City of Heroes characters can go on Respec missions after level 25. Tankers can rechoose their powers after completing the mission. By this level, you will know which melee powers you love and which you can do without. Tankers, except for those with Willpower as their primary defense, need to cut at least three melee powers from your secondary set.

Tankers can have power management issues. Large groups and rapid attacks quickly drain a hero’s endurance. Some defenses, like Will Power, provides quicker power recovery. The other Tanker defensive powers require players to choose from the Fitness power pool. City of Heroes game designers padded the Tank’s offensive powers with B-list options that most players can do without. All Tanker offensive powers (including Battle Axe, Fire and Dark Melee) include Taunt. This power draws opponents off your friends encouraging them to attack you. Your low hit point classes like Blasters and Defenders can use distant attacks on their foes. Just by being a Tanker, foes will attack you first. Tankers and Scrappers are constantly in their opponent’s face. Without the Taunt power, they draw more than their fair share of foes.

All though his powers are not as flashy as a Blaster or Controller, the Tanker is the most important character class in City of Heroes. No other class has better defenses or more hit points. This is great for both beginning or veteran players. You can enjoy the game and explore the visual world that Ncsoft designed. Tankers, take up your Axe, Mace or Blades and bring villains to justice.


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