Cool Down Exercises To Make Your Workout More Effective

Working out takes causes a lot of physical stress to your body, and while it stimulates release of endorphins which helps alleviate mental and psychological stress, it pushes your body’s physical capacity to its limits. After a rigorous workout session, abruptly stopping the physical activity can cause detrimental effects to your body. That’s why it’s highly recommended that one cools down after an exercise.

Here are some cool down exercises that can make your workouts and exercises more effective:

Hamstring stretch exercises

Lower back pain is a common injury after strenuous exercise, mostly attributed to stiffening and tightness of hamstring muscles. Stretching it out after working out can help reduce stiffness and tightness which can help prevent back pains from developing.

Hamstring stretch exercise is done by sitting down with on leg stretched out and the other one bent at the knee level. You then try to reach forward with both arms and try to touch the toe of the extended leg. Hold this position for about 10 seconds then switch to the other leg.

Child’s Pose exercise

This exercise is an excellent way to stretch out your back muscles bringing about a release in tension of the back muscles, spine, and vertebrae, much like the benefits of pullover exercise for men. This is done by kneeling down the floor with legs and knees bent together, then slowly lowering down the upper body towards the front of your thighs and reaching out with your arms while maintaining contact between calves and thighs.

Be careful when attempting to do this cool down exercise as it also stretches out the spaces between the vertebrae, which can be dangerous to individuals diagnosed with herniated disc. If you have one, make sure to get clearance from a physician first before doing this exercise.


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