Custom Beverage Labels From Lightning Labels

Whether you’re searching for custom labels for your wine, beer or water bottles, Lighting Labels will be able to create and provide the attractive and vibrant print that any business needs. If you think about it, labels play a crucial role in the marketing and sales of a product; when potential customers see a product without any labels on the shelves, they won’t choose it over those that do display labels. For an aspiring beverage producer, you have to employ the services of an expert company.

Lightning Label

High quality labels produced by Lightning Labels allow clients to list specialized ingredients as well as specific instructions in small and readable custom labels. These labels are also water resistant which is incredibly practical since beverages are typically placed inside the fridge, pantry or in an ice bucket. Clients can choose the material as well as the laminates that they want, this ensures that you’d get the ideal beverage labels to adorn your specific product. The most popular option, in terms of materials, would be the BOPP labels which contain strong adhesive; the strong adhesive prevents any kind of peeling and keeps the design in great condition even after some time. Labels on spirit bottles are made from satin cloth material and it gives it quite the unique edge.

Laminate options offer custom labels with a polished and protective finish. Clients going for a more eco-conscious label for beverages can partner Kraft materials alongside a matte laminate; this creates an earthy touch. Meanwhile, the high-gloss lamination options gives an incredibly shine coat that will surely catch anyone’s eye. If you do decide to order from Lightning Labels, they offer free ground shipping for locations within Canada and the US and you can expect your order to arrive within 48 to  72 hours from the approval date.


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