What is the Dating Advice For Men From Women

Dating can be intimidating at any age, but it’s especially hard if you haven’t done it for a long time. That’s where dating advice for men from women can make things so much simpler, especially if you take the time to understand and appreciate some basic concepts about women.

A lot of older men, who get back into dating, have been set in their ways for a quite a time and discover that it’s somewhat overwhelming bringing someone new into their lives, or perhaps, rearranging their routine to fit with this new woman in their life.

However, regardless of age, most guys are initially keen to make their new girlfriends or dates feel comfortable, and virtually “bend over backwards” to make them happy in the relationship.

This may include them giving up time with shared with long time friends, forgoing their own “quiet personal time”, or skipping an afternoon in front of TV watching their favorite programs, etc, etc.

While this might work for a little while, eventually, they’ll most likely become resentful of missing these events that they’ve been accustomed to enjoying. They’ll start to feel suffocated in the relationship and try to find ways of getting back what they’ve lost…often with disastrous consequences!

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So, how can dating advice from women help men stuck in this awkward situation?

How To Use Dating Advice For Men From Women To Your Advantage.

If the new woman in your life is starting to demand more and more of your time and it makes you feel uneasy, you’ll need to get her to understand and appreciate your concerns. But, you need to do it the right and proper way if you want to keep her!

The following dating advice for men, from women, is vitally important for you to come to terms with, so listen up!

You might think saying something like, “Things between us are moving a little too quickly for me and I really need some time for myself“, is Wrong! You definitely shouldn’t broach the situation in this way. If you do, you’re certainly headed for disaster!

While you won’t see this as rejection on your part, your new woman will definitely see it that way. She’ll most likely take this very personally, and either cling to you even more, or just retreat and begin analyzing what you said…over and over and over!

Most women are very sensitive creatures and have an innate tendency to over-analyze everything! She’ll no longer be comfortable around you and, without doubt, you’ll probably start feeling ill-at-ease too

O.K. So, that’s obviously what you shouldn’t say or do. What should you say?

A much better method of discussing your feelings and needs with the new lady in your life, is to tell her that you want to work on a few things to make your relationship stronger. And that includes taking a little time for yourself. But, you must maintain the focus on “improving the relationship” by taking it a little slower, and not rushing head-first into things all at once.

Remember, women can turn very simple, off-hand comments into rejection in their heads. Saying something similar to a guy could be forgotten after two minutes, while that same comment will not leave a woman’s head, and it will be turned around over and over again

So, let’s recap this dating advice for men. If you’re feeling like things are moving too fast in your relationship and you want a bit of breathing space, you absolutely have to bring it up with the new woman in your life.

But, you need to discuss it in a way that shows her you want to work on the relationship, and not to shut her out of your life. Remember, a woman feels hurt and rejection very easily.

Make it a positive solution to your problem. Believe me, you won’t regret following this dating advice for men from women, it will make your love-life much less complicated and stressful.


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