Enjoy Different Adventure With Tulum Snorkeling

Tulum, Mexico is a home of various wonderful tourist spot. Starting from the popular ancient ruins which are made by the Maya, to the natural environment on land an waters. This small town is even the home of the Great Maya Reef and the Cenote Park, which can both offer you a unique Tulum snorkeling adventure.

Why is Tulum Snorkeling a Unique Adventure You can try?

The Great Maya Reef and the Cenote Park can be found in Tulum, Mexico. This alone can help in showing you how great snorkeling adventure you can have in the place. You can try both of them upon your trip, and see how exciting it is to have snorkeling in an entirely different way.

For starters, the Great Maya Reef is the second largest barrier of coral reefs in the world, only next to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It runs about 300 kilometers across the Caribbean coast of Mexico, and can go up to more than 30 meters deep.

The Great Maya Reef has about 70 different spots for divers and snorkelers. This is where you can experience an awesome underwater dive, especially with hundreds if not thousands different species of underwater creatures.

Next, the Cenote Park offers a network of underground caverns that connects to a huge underground water source. The Maya previously treat these cenotes or sinkholes as sacred, but are now open to tourists for various water activities. You are free to have a dive or swim through the network of caverns, as long as you have enough documents for deep water diving.

Those are two unique ways for you to enjoy Tulum snorkeling. Not mentioning that there are dozens of some other spots that you should check out, Tulum, Mexico is definitely a place that you should not miss to visit for a getaway.


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