Enjoy Riddles Every Now And Then? You’ll Love Riddlesdb

Riddles have long been part of our lives from the time they were introduced at school which eventually became a pastime until you decide to pass a few riddles to your children or nieces and nephews. It doesn’t mean that since it’s a childhood thing, you can’t enjoy them anymore as an adult. We definitely cannot count all the riddles available in the world, if you think about it there are thousands out there just waiting to be discovered, mulled over and solved. RiddlesDB can be one of many sources of fun riddles that you could try.

What to Expect from RiddlesDB

RiddlesDB is a website that features riddles from other users along with the answers. As you may have noticed, the webpage is incredibly easy to navigate and use. Hence, even techy children can enjoy the riddles. The homepage already displays the latest submitted riddles but the answers are not revealed, unless you press the button that says ‘answers’ which gives you all the time you need to think of an answer without hiding from the screen. For overall convenience, each riddle displayed can be upvoted or downvoted by the users; let’s face it, some riddles are far better compared to others.

Keep in mind that new riddles are posted on a daily basis, when you think that you’ve seen everything you’d be surprised at the gems available. In case you have any inquiries, feel free to contact them through their website; just fill in the required fields; your name, email, subject of inquiry and the message itself. They’ll get back to you in a few hours, up to a day through the email that you provided. Meanwhile, breeze through riddle upon riddles of pure fun, of course there are difficult ones for those that crave a challenge.


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