How to Find the Perfect Wii Bundle

Nintendo’s Wii console is still the most popular gaming console in the market, and with the holidays, coming sales are expected to again be at an all-time high. And even though Nintendo has announced that they have enough stock available, retailers are concerned that like last year the stocks are not guaranteed to cover every day of the holiday season. In the event that you are able to get hold of that much wanted Wii console, you’ll probably wonder where you could find the games and accessories that you want for your gaming system. One of the most popular and engaging games that you can buy for your Nintendo Wii is 2048 cupcakes. You will surely love it as you can easily get the game online. 

The answer to that dilemma would be to purchase Wii bundles. A Wii bundle is a complete package that includes the Wii gaming console, the games that you want and a set of controllers. Buying a Wii bundle will save you a lot of money, the reason behind it – when you purchase a Wii console from a retail store, you will be able to choose what accessories you want to go along with your console but end up paying 25-30% more.

There are hundreds of sellers on the internet that sells Wii bundles. The games and accessories needed are incorporated in bundle deals, and you can choose which games you want along with the new Wii Fit – with your imagination limiting what you want in your bundle. In purchasing Wii bundles online, you’ll have all the items you want with your gaming system and the best thing about it – it’s cheaper when compared to the prices your local game shop or those big-box electronic shop charge.

It is recommended to scout the prices first, along with the items included in the bundle, and the policies governing shipping and return of the item. Auction sites such as eBay are one of the sites you should consider visiting to compare which deals are best suited for your needs. With the economy in an unstable state right now, you’d want to save as much as you can with your purchase.

There are a hundred kinds of deals for the Wii bundle online. Below is one example of what you might find:

  • The gaming console with 4 controllers, 4 nunchucks, the Wii Fit board and 5 games of your choice
  • The gaming console with 2 controllers/Nunchuk set and 3 games for younger kids included
  • 4 controllers and nunchucks, Mario Kart, plus the Wii Pit board and more games both for adults and kids

There are literally thousands of lists on what is included with the bundle. And since online sellers do not have any inventory restrictions like the brick and mortar retail stores, you’ll be able to assemble that perfect gaming system you’ve always wanted. And since your bundling everything, prices for each individual item are lower also because you are purchasing it online. It’s pretty obvious that retailers charge 10% or more for individual accessories they sell, in that sense, you’re saving a lot of money by purchasing everything in a bundle.


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