Fortnite Games- Abide By The Rules

Life is such that you have to follow a certain set of rules and norms and abide by the principles as it is only then will you prevail in the conquest and achieve success in the end. 

This is what is taught by our parents in our childhood but today’s generation don’t care about it and continue to live life on their terms. This concern is often highlighted by parents and they constantly worry about their child’s future all the time. 

Even in something as casual as video games, things are the same as you need to follow the rules set by the game to get to the final destination and proclaim victory. To be honest, rules and regulations are what keep the world threaded together in the form of law and justice otherwise there would be anarchy everywhere. 

Basics For Starters 

Fortnite is one such game and is the favorite among the children as they are constantly found playing it on their smartphones and refuse to look away even if they are slapped out of the trance. 

Alongwith PUBG, it vies for the top spot in the world of games and has held an entire generation of kids under its fingertips. 

There are certain rules that have to be followed by fortnite and they are as follows: 

  1. Never use things found on spawn island like guns, wood, metal, building debris and others 
  2. Fortnite account for sale means that they can be resold again at a better price so therefore have it ready for future levels
  3. Wait patiently for the spiral bus and the horn will honk its way to signal you to drop from it and land on the map located on the ground 
  4. Never deploy your glider while making the jump as it can prove fatal and kill you 


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