Fun Activies For Children Halloween Parties

Children on Halloween have lots of fun. They get to dress up with costumes, eat tons of candy while they go “Trick or Treat” and go to Halloween parties. We have Halloween parties for children in our jobs or churches, and they love them. Sometimes we are part of the organization of that Halloween parties for parties, and we have to plan activities for the kids. If this is your case, you must have presented a couple of useful advices:

-Take your time to plan the activities for the party; Children need to be busy and entertained to behave. So just like how helpful casino party accessories are, you should also get some stuff and activities to keep the children casino party accessories.

-Plan activities that are designed for kids from different ages to enjoy them. Like this, children will have more things to do.

-Divide and conquer; Try to divide the children in small groups, so they will be easier to control.

-I know we are talking about a party, and kids should have fun in a party, but remember that some parents don’t like their children getting messy, so try to find activities that don’t get them too dirty.

-Remember that the simplest activities are often the funniest and more successful, children have a short spam of attention and they get bored fast.

-Have ready some attractive prizes, you can buy some cheap toys in a Dollar Store and make goody’s bags. Don’t include sweets on them; I’m sure the children had enough candy and cakes in the party.

Here there are some children games and activities that will make a Halloween party fun and relaxed:

-Foam craft station: on a table sit some foam kits to make Halloween decorations. Michael’s sells these kits to make witches, ghosts or scarecrows, they are very easy to make and fast, suitable for all ages.

-Halloween Olympic Games: in Party City you can buy several Halloween children games, like an inflatable spider and rings to throw on it, a “pin the nose on the witch”, and many more. They are very cheap and easy to play with them. Keep a score and give prizes.

-Circle with numbers: place some consecutive numbers in floor, you can use contact paper, making a circle. The kids will step on each number, and we sing a song. The child that is not stepping on a number when the song ends, will be eliminated.

-Chairs: this classic party game is a variation of the one before.

-Halloween costume contest: you can organize the contest with different categories, and give a prize to every child in the party, to avoid disappointments.

-Talent Halloween contest: every kid must show the character of the costume he or she is wearing. Remember that many children are shy and they don’t feel comfortable on the stage, don’t force them.

Use your imagination and think about activities that can be fun for all the children. Try to have a schedule and a plan, but be flexible because kids are unpredictable, and they may not like some of the activities and love others. After all, the Halloween children’s party is for them to enjoy.


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