Gamefly Versus Gameznflix

Each day, I see at least one advertisement online regarding DVD rentals. There are numerous companies that advertisement DVD rentals online. These companies include Blockbuster, Netflix, and others. One day, I saw an advertisement for Netflix and the price was relatively low for DVD rentals, so, I clicked on the ad and began researching. This eventually led to researching other companies that offer the same type of deal. You can read a detailed review of Gamefly Versus Gameznflix at Agen Bola Euro 2020.

As I continued in my search for various online DVD rental companies, I started running into websites that promote the fact that they offer both DVD and game rentals online. I did not realize that one could rent video games in the same manner, as DVD’s online. With this, I began to research the online rental opportunities for games.

One of the first companies that I discovered that offers unlimited video game rentals each month was a company called Gamefly. As I researched the offers that Gamefly had, I quickly gained interest. Of course, they do not offer movie rentals, but they had a wide assortment of game rentals to make up for it. Gamefly offers online video game rentals for numerous gaming platforms and seemed to have high ratings among customers in the search engines.

Gamefly advertises that there are never any shipping costs and there are no late fees. I was very surprised at this, but it drew me in a little closer. As I walked through the Gamefly website, I saw that they were offering a free trial. Now, I do not know about you, but I enjoy all in life that is free, so, I decided to try up for it. The free trial that was being advertised at the time was for a period of ten days. This offer allowed one to rent up to two games at one time. Well, I had been wanting to play around with the Monster Rancher EVO game and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon game, so, I opted for these two.

Within three days of signing up for the free trial with Gamefly, I received my selections. I was very pleased with the prompt delivery. I will admit, however, I was not that impressed with the actual games. They were both a little disappointing in my opinion, but that is a completely new article. I went ahead, mailed the games back to Gamefly, went on the website, and selected a couple of more. Once they received the first two, they immediately mailed out my third and fourth selection.

Overall, I was pleased with Gamefly. As my free trial neared the end, I began researching other sites that may offer the same kind of deal at a lower price. Gamefly had a total cost of $21.95 per month with two rentals out at a time. That is when I discovered Gameznflix. Gameznflix had an unlimited monthly rental system where you could have up to three games or movie, or a combination out at the same time for a low monthly fee of only $16.99.

Seeing that I originally was on the prowl for sites that offered DVD rentals, I found this to be very interesting. I could rent a combination of movies and games for nearly $5.00 less than I could rent two games at a time each month with Gamefly. Not only that, Gameznflix also had a free trial as well. At this point, I was sold. I cancelled my membership with Gamefly and signed up for the free trial with Gameznflix that was two weeks long. This was the start of a big mistake.

As I completed my registration with Gameznflix, I choose my three selections. During the trial period, you are very limited on what you can choose. Gamefly did not impose these types of restrictions. This was the first thing that really started making me think that I was signing up with the wrong company. Additionally, even with the games and movies that were not available during the trial period, Gameznflix had a very limited selection overall.

Some of the new releases in video games and movies were not even listed as a selection that was going to be available in the future. They seemed to carry more old titles than new ones. After about a week of waiting, I received some of my selections. I then immediately mailed one of them back and did not receive another selection until after my trial period ended. After four months of waiting on my number one selection, I still have yet to see it even though it has said “available” during my entire membership.

When I emailed them with this concern, they agreed that it had been my number one selection since the beginning of my membership, but stated that it has not been available to send. To this day, it still says “available”, but I have yet to receive it. Before I pay for next month’s membership, I am definitely opting out of Gameznflix and returning to Gamefly.

Yes, Gamefly is nearly $5.00 more than Gameznflix, and they do not offer movie rentals, but they know how to keep their customers satisfied. They understand that the customer is important and they are very efficient and detailed in their transactions. Gameznflix, however, seems to be behind on website updates, dealing with their customers on a personal level, and business in general.


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