The Good And Bad Of Contact Lens

Contact lenses came as a much awaited relief for all those who hated wearing glasses. Truly, they are a bliss when you can’t think of pairing your cool LBD with a pair of heavy prescription glasses. In fact, you will even get coloured contact lenses perth to colour-cordinate with your party attires. Are you too on plans to get contact lenses this time? Well, there are plenty of perks of using contact lenses. However, contact lenses carry certain risks as well.

The post below offers a brief on both the good and bad of contact lenses so that you can make an informed decision.

The good bit

Enhanced appearance

Now, this one is a no-brainer. One of the main reasons behind the mammoth popularity of contact lenses today is that they improve your appearance. Heavy glasses perched on the nose are an uncomfortable addition on the face for many. A lot of people prefer a no-glass look especially when they want to look their stylish best. Contact lenses are the best solution here as they keep your natural beauty intact but without compromising on vision.

Helps in active lifestyle

It’s risky and discomforting to get into heavy activities with your spectacles. For example, if you are a sportsperson, it will be difficult for you to run across the field free with your glasses on. But contact lenses enable you to carry on with your action-packed activities without the fear of losing out on or breaking your glasses.

Enhanced all-round vision

This is another major benefit of using contact lenses. With glasses, you only get the front vision. As there is no glass on the sides, a spectacle can’t promise you clear side vision. But, you don’t have such issues with contact lenses. A lens settles on your eye and hence can assure easy all-round vision. This particular perspective is extremely helpful for sportspersons and bikers.

The bad bit

Improper use may lead to infections

If you are not proper with the usage of your spectacles, you will eventually end up breaking them at the most. A broken spectacle will cause inconvenience but won’t cause any serious harm to your eyes. But, you have such risks with contact lenses, especially when you don’t use them properly. A lot of people tend to reuse daily disposable lenses and end up with serious infections. Reusable lenses are available today but if you don’t disinfect and clean them properly, you will develop infections as well.

Lens can get damaged easily

Lens are made of thin coatings which tend to get damaged easily. These are extremely delicate wearables and you have to handle them with extreme care. Yes, glasses can get damaged too but these are not as fragile as contact lenses. In some cases, glasses are safer to use than contact lenses.

Can’t be worn for prolonged periods

You can wear glasses for as long as you wish to, even while sleeping. But with lens, you can’t ever wear it for prolonged periods. Even if you are using reusable options, at one point of time, you will have to clean and disinfect it for another session.

Contact lenses are no doubt great. But just be careful with the usage.


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