GTA: The Common Elements

Grand Theft Auto, also known as GTA is one of the most popular games to date. Despite its initial launching taking place as far back as 1997, the game nowadays still remains to be popular and relevant. As a matter of fact, the GTA Game Download online, whether through legal or illegal means is still one of the most sought-after despite the fact that a lot of games have already surfaced prior. What makes this game so popular? One of this would have to be the gameplay, which we would be looking into.

Role of Players

                Across all the games since its inception allow players to take on the role of a criminal, where all the transactions take place in the big city. Most of the time, it starts out with committing petty crimes, eventually escalating to organized crimes as the game goes on. This is achieved through transactions with various “idols” and kingpins in the city. Also, assassinations, stealing of vehicles and cash, as well as several other smaller games like taxi driving, street racing, driving the bus and taking hostage, among others are regularly featured.


                There are quite a lot of subgames which chan be found, also called open world games, which allows you to be freer in terms of gameplay. This prevents it from taking on a linear formatting, which is present in a lot of arcade games.

City Elements

                The fictional cities where the game takes place is patterned mostly after larger cities in the US, with actual music from real modern-day singers being aired out in networks at times. Several elements of any working city, from personnel, to staff, commercials, bars, houses, and other establishments can be seen in the game as well, apart from law enforcement which could be seen roaming around regularly, with some parts of the game requiring you to escape them.


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