The Impact of Cannabis to our Health

The use of cannabis has one of the heated arguments and debates across the globe in the recent years. There are several studies that show different results and findings. For some, cannabis should never be allowed in the market because it might be the cause of the lives of millions of youth. It may also cause violence and health problems. On the other hand, some believe that there are health benefits of marijuana and it should be allowed to be traded in the market. To further have informed opinions, in this article, we are going to talk about the health effects of cannabis.


Therapeutic Effects

Some studies show that cannabis can provide wide variety of therapeutic effects to a person who is using it. Some of these benefits include treatment of epilepsy, medicine for nausea and vomiting, increase in appetite and decrease in weight loss, helping social anxiety disorders and posttraumatic disorders and many more to mention.

Respiratory Disease

Studies also show that smoking cannabis on a regular manner can cause and trigger phlegm and chronic cough production. But on the contrary, quitting smoking of cannabis can reduce cough and phlegm production. It is still uncertain whether CBD oil can be associated with the disorder of chronic obstructive pulmonary.

Functionality of the Human Brain

Some studies also claim that CBD oil delivers positive effects on our mental health such as impair of our cognitive domains of learning, memory and attention. Cannabis is also used in decreasing the tendency of a person to have anxiety, stress and depression. According to cannabis news, CBD oil might be the best answer to cure mental health issues.

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