Insanity Workout: How To Get Started

People who have reviewed the Insanity Workout, or at least have gone through it, most like share the advise to people: “Prepare for the hardest workout of your life.” Indeed, it’s called Insanity Workout for a very good reason. It’s far from light and just enough to make you sweat, it’s so hard that every second seems longer than it actually is. Despite how tedious the workout can be, they still manage to get good results. With that said, what are some of the things you have to do before you begin the Insanity Workout routine?

Get the Fitness Guide

Apart from the instructional videos, the Insanity Workout has a fitness guide that goes with it. It’s a short, and straight-to-the-point material that talks its way through fitness. If you want to see it taking effect, however, make it a point to not just read it, but make sure to act it out, as not doing so defeats the whole purpose of the said guide.

Have a Cardio Exam

The Insanity workout is only for those who have a healthy heart, due to its sheer intensity. Because of this, it is advised that people who have pre-existing conditions, such as any type of Heart Disease, or those with a weak heart, should opt for other exercises instead. If you are unsure of your heart’s condition, then visit your family doctor, general practitioner, or a cardiologist to do the necessary tests.

Start Light with Simple Exercises

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, then make it a point to loosen up a little bit. Having said that, start light with simple exercises maybe 1 week to 1 month prior to doing the insanity workout. Start with ab crunches, light jogging, and other routines as the Intensity workout is unlike any other.


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