Interesting Facts And Hacks About The Pubg Game

PUBG also referred to as PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is an online multiplayer game which is very thrilling and quite like an addictive rush to win the most coveted chicken dinner. In this time when PUBG is one of the great hypes there are certain interesting facts and PUBG hacks that every gamer must know.

  • Play modes in PUBG

The basic modes of the PUBG game are: solo, duo and squad. In solo mode one player competes with 99 other players to win the title in duo a team of two players is made wherein the two team members compete against the 49 teamed duos and lastly in squad mode 4 players are paired up with each other where these 4 players play against the other 24.

  • Interesting facts about PUBG

PUBG is an all-time record breaker: in 2017 PUBG reached to a current unbeatable record of all time of more than 10 lac people playing actively and simultaneously.

PUBG can ban a player for straight 100 years: although lots of people play PUBG the rules and regulations are pretty strict and firm and the game owners do take these rules seriously.

The circumstances wherein a player kills another teammate inappropriately  or an inappropriate behavior is detected then the player gets debarred from the game for a timeframe of 1 to 5 days however if bigger miss alterations like abusive behavior, cheating, bugging or other malicious behavior is seen then a permanent ban of 100 years is imposed over the convicted player.

Changing the armor: it is important to keep changing the armor for more longevity in game. This is because the armors keeps on wearing and tearing during the combat range. Therefore one should keep changing the armor.


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