Is This The End For Orange Mail?

Most devastating news has hit users of correo orange as a date has been set for closure. The 31st of May 2017 marks the closing date for the Orange mail. This unexpected closure has left users asking “what’s next for us?” This is critical as most of its users have been loyal veterans from day 1 and have all their information tied to the service provider, ranging from their bank details and business details to very important documents, mails and client’s contact addresses which would be demoralizing to lose. The intent behind this closure isn’t certain but the mail provider has been a safe haven for innumerable business owners providing a less intricate means of keeping up with clients unlike the Google franchise which owns a lot of complexities or like yahoo which constantly bombards you with adverts and spam. The simplicity and efficiency of the Orange mail has been its selling point. It gives you flexibility and is used by a wide range of business owners, professionals, companies and individuals. One can only imagine the inconvenience users would have to go through migrating to a different email provider.

The EE has recommended Google as the best drift so Orange users are advised to migrate to Google, this is partly because of it wide memory space of 15Gb in comparison to the Orange mail which can only hold 2Gb worth of mail, so in order to prioritize you would constantly have to delete less important mail so stay within the 2Gb radius.

Some other email providers affected by this sudden closure, which would as well be shut down at the same time are, @fsworld, @fsbusiness, @fsnet, @freeserve, @wanadoo, and

At this stage it would be best to secure all information from any of these email providers which you own as you would no longer have access to them on the 31st of May 2017.


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