Jetcan Mining in Eve Online

This guide will cover the art of Jetcan mining in the MMORPG Eve Online. An essential tool for any industrialist miner, whether new or with years of experience, Jetcan mining in Eve Online is the most effective way of striping asteroid fields from their minerals while cutting down on traveling time. The term Jetcan mining is short for Jettisoned Container Mining, otherwise known as using the special container your ship launches whenever you choose to jettison an unwanted item in inventory to store harvested asteroids for later transfer to a station. A simple game same as this one are multiple Pkv games.

The most important thing to know about Jetcan mining is their capacity and lifespan. Jettisoned containers have the largest capacity of any player deployable space based containers in Eve Online sitting at a nice 27,500 m3 of space. While this capacity is extraordinary considering they cost nothing to deploy, and are essentially limitless in that a new one can be deployed every 2 minutes. Those utilizing Jettisoned Containers to store their valuable hauls should take note to move their cargo to a fresh container every hour or so, as they have a lifespan that lasts between 74 minutes and 2 hours. A good tip would be to name your Jetcan Mining container with the time it was launched at, to be able to keep track of which ones are about to expire.

Jetcan mining in Eve Online does have its drawbacks, first off being any player is capable of stealing from the unsecured container. Ore theft isn’t as widespread an issue in high sec, although it can happen from time to time no matter where you have chosen to mine your minerals. Anybody stealing from one of your Jetcan mining containers however will be flagged for 15 minutes allowing you to pummel them for their insolence without intervention from CONCORD, if your mining vessel has significant offensive capabilities, or allowing you to go fetch a war vessel to hunt the thief with. The second drawback is the somewhat short lifespan mentioned earlier, but this is easily remedied by paying attention to the time each can was created, and just making a new can for any ore that’s about to expire. If a can expires in Eve Online, all ore inside is lost forever.

One key part to making the most out of Jetcan mining is how you go about hauling the minerals back to station for refining. You will want to have an Industrial ship docked in a station preferably inside the system if you plan on Jetcan mining totally solo. Make sure you have all your ore in fresh cans before beginning to haul it all back, as you don’t want your cans expiring during your jumps. To make things more streamlined and effective, either use a second account with a hauler, or elicit help from another Eve Online player in return for a share of the profits. Doing this in a group of players can make your hauls all the more effective, with players to mine, haul, and provide much needed defense from NPC and player rats alike.


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