How to Keep Kids Entertained at a Wedding


The wedding day has arrived and the church or banquet hall is abuzz with voices from every single corner. People are making their way to their seats and waiting to see the couple take their vows or waiting for a toast. Excitement and happiness is filling the room until high pitch crying can be heard resonating from the walls. Suddenly it is no longer the sound of one child but of multiple children screaming, laughing, running and bumping into things. Everyone understands this is will happen when children are together but the key during an important celebration is to keep them entertained. Here are some ideas to keep kids occupied during your big event.


Although kids may want to hang out with parents or the older crowd; leaving an area of the banquet hall or reception site open for kids can keep them within eye/ear shot but not right under foot. There is an assortment of items available keep kids entertained.

Individual miniature puzzles can be given to kids to give them something to pass the time. Read the age requirements for puzzle pieces in case you have young guests who may try to eat the pieces. Goody bags with small toys and candies can be given as rewards for good behavior, also.

Coloring books/ copied prints and crayons or markers are a hit with young children. Girls or boys coloring books/prints can be used or unisex choices will do for everyone. If you decide this is the right choice for you don’t forget to purchase washable markers.

Foam arts and crafts are another easy way to keep kids entertained. You can find foam cut outs with adhesives on the back so glue is not necessary. Although the back peel will have to be cleaned up; you won’t have to clean up misplaced glue.

Portable DVD players can be a big relief at your wedding. These DVD players can be plugged into the wall or battery operated for appropriate aged movies. The banquet hall or reception site may have a small designated room with a media center that can be used entertain the kids. If this is available a Play Station or XBox can be hooked up to keep the kids from getting bored.

Providing some finger foods is another way to keep kids entertained with some dance move they perform on the beats of lancaster pa wedding dj which made them happy. Although there may be a buffet not all children will eat stuffed puffed pastries or sliced roast beef. Keeping a small supply of chicken fingers, gold fish crackers, grilled cheese or peanut butter¬† amp; jelly sandwich’s can be an ample meal combined with the other items on the menu.

If your wedding site and reception is outside there are several other ways to keep the kids entertained. Nerf balls, Frisbees and bubble wands can work double duty as gifts and as entertainment. More importantly, if the bride and the kids are happy; everyone is a happy.



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