Kik Messenger: Your Online Friend

Kik Messenger is one of the most trending and fast forward social media messaging app. You do not require any particular identification or phone number verification as in the case of most of the other messaging applications available for smartphones. Using Kik, you can interact with your known ones without any cost. You can use kik online to connect with people all around the world, all you need to do is to search them by their username or other available information. Kik just utilizes your internet pack of wifi connectivity to receive and send unlimited number of messages.

The Youth’s App:

Kik Messenger has come out to be most used by the teenagers from all around the world due to the easy connectivity with friends and its advanced user interface. In 2016, Kik had an over of 300 million online registered users which included a whopping number of teenagers from United States accounting to about 40% of total users. Kik is most famous for its feature of anonymity. It does not demand or leaks away your any informative data. However, Kik has also been working on its safety features which now does not allows any messages from strangers to show us on your screen unless you wish to.

The Messenger is available for iOS, Android and Windows users free of cost and you can download it easily from their respective app stores. The messaging app was developed in 2009 by a group of students from California who dreamt of reforming the smartphone messaging technology and did so. Kik Interactive has been growing ever since its formation and has also been successful in receiving millions of dollars of funding from all around the world for development and promoting of the app. Moreover, in October 2014, Kik received Smarties award by Mobile Marketing Association and in October 2016, Kik’s CEO was also recognized as Toronto’s most brilliant tech innovator.


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