Lord of the Rings Online Leveling ‘” 11 Tips to Make Leveling Much Easier

Lord of the Rings Online leveling is one of the big concerns for many new players and even those who have been around for a while but have decided to start a new character. In most MMO type games the world does not actually open up until you have achieved maximum level and Lord of the Rings Online and situs judi online bola. is no different.

If you want to level as quickly as possible there are a few common sense things that you need to keep in mind on your journey.

1.) Use Destiny Points

When you are questing and the quest involves killing large numbers of creatures spend Destiny Points to purchase rested experience. This alone will make your Lord of the Rings Online leveling experience much quicker. Unfortunately free to play players do not have access to Destiny Points so they should use the rest of the tips in this article to hasten leveling.

2.) Working Signature Mobs or Item Quests

Many of the quests in Lord of the Rings Online involve killing a signature mob or grabbing items for a quest. Many of those quests also involve killing a number of creatures as well. When you encounter one of these quests you should kill the signature mob or get the quest item then concentrate on killing the creatures that you need to complete the quest.

3.) Lock Inventory

While this tip is not specifically targeted at Lord of the Rings Online leveling, it is a great help. Lock items that sell well at the auction house when they are in your inventory so you do not accidentally sell them. When your bags are full of hides, wood, metals or reputation items head off to the auction house to sell them. This will ensure that you have the cash needed to purchase your mount when the time comes.

Free to play players must purchase the ability to place items on the auction house and this is a good investment early. Even with the 2 gold limit it will allow you to have or get cash when you need it.

4.) Working the Auction House

Selling on the auction house is more of an art than a science and when selling items at auction make sure that you place items in full stacks or a stack of 10. Most players prefer to buy in even numbered lots. I do not know why this is but it has been my experience since beta.

5.) Crafted Foods

Many players underestimate the value of crafted foods. Foods give you the boost in stats or regeneration of power or morale that just might make the difference when you are in a tough situation and survival is in doubt.

6.) Full Bags

It is inevitable that your bags will fill up when you are out knocking out quests but you can save large amounts of time by destroying low value items instead of heading to town to sell. Lord of the Rings Online leveling is basically a time to action ratio and the more time that you spend in the field will maximize that ratio.

7.) Get a Mount

With the advent of free to play the level required for riding a mount has been drastically reduced. Owing a mount can increase your level speed tremendously so save every copper that you can and purchase your mount as quickly as possible.

Free to play gave us the ability to get a permanent mount at level 5 by purchasing riding from the LotRO store and a mount for 500 silver coins. While you may not have the money by level 5 you can easily earn it by level 10 or so.

Even though VIP players have a quest for a mount at level 20 they can still purchase the riding ability and a mount at level 5.

8.) Repair

Repair your weapons and equipment only when they are nearly broken. The reasoning behind this is two fold. First, repairing can take time away from your leveling efforts. Second, you will be leveling so fast that you will most likely replace the item before it is useless.

9.) Escort Quests

Your Lord of the Rings Online leveling effort is going to lead you into many escort style quests and you can make it much easier on your self by allowing the NPC that you are escorting to take the initial agro from any mobs that appear. If you grab the agro first not only will you face the brunt of the assault, the NPC may actually keep on walking and get into more trouble before you can save them.

10.) Book and Epic Quests

Make sure that you complete all book and epic quests. These quests give massive amounts of experience, which will boost your leveling effort, and the items that you get as a reward can be very nice indeed.

11.) Traveling and Time Management

Traveling long distances is best done on an NPC horse. While you are traveling use your time wisely to consult maps, sort your inventory, or something equally productive.

Lord of the Rings Online Leveling is really easy if you keep these 11 tips in mind. In no time you will find your self sneaking up on level 65. Fair travels in the world of Lord of the Rings Online to you and never stop enjoying the game.


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