Why A Movie On A First Date Is Not Such A Bad Idea

Many people will say that going to see a movie on your first date is not a good idea. They say this for many reasons, the most rather obvious reason, is that it denies a chance to interact and be social with your partner. When you watch a movie your focus is usually on the movie and not on the person you are seeing it with. But, here’s a new perspective to take on how you can use movies and that focus to your advantage. You can go out to watch movies at some good theater or you can even plan your movie date at your home. A really good way to plan for that is 123 movies. You get to select from a number of popular movies that you can choose. You also get the interruption-free movie experience that you want for your date. 

Think back to the last time you saw a movie that was very sad in the end; try to remember the emotions you were feeling. You probably kept those emotions with you after the movie ended as well, and so did the person/people you were seeing it with. The movie provoked those emotions and set you in that mood of sadness. Movies have a wonderful way of setting your mood for the rest of the day.

Some men try and try to get their date to feel romanticized and get that feeling going all night. Not very many, however, exceed. So let us say you plan on taking a girl to a movie and then dinner. Take her to see a romantic movie. Take “The Notebook” which came out last year for example, when my date and I left the theater she was already set in that romantic mood, I didn’t have to try and get her to feel that way, the movie did it for me. So by the time we got to dinner she was feeling this intense emotion of romance. Which made the date a whole lot easier for both of us.

Movie dates are not such a bad thing; in fact, they can even help you set the tone or feeling of a date. I knew a guy who tried but was not very funny. His jokes and cracks were not extremely funny but weren’t extremely bad either. He got this date with this girl and took her to see the funniest movie that was out the time; they were both laughing the whole way through the show. When they got out he started telling jokes and because she was already in a joyous mood it made them funnier and she laughed at them hysterically. The comedic movie set her in the mood of laughter and just generally feeling good, it’s easier to make someone that is already laughing, laugh more.

If you struggle in the area of getting a woman to feel a certain way, why not project it better by using a movie to set the tone first? Although, it is vital to go somewhere and do something after the movie otherwise you’ve set the tone for nothing. Next time you’re going on a date, set the mood first, and see what happens next.


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