My Experience with the LightStim

I love beauty products. No, I mean I LOVE beauty products!! Creams, lotions, herbs, gadgets – miracle solutions one and all! It seems the only requirement to pique my curiousity with a beauty product is to be something that I have never tried. The only time I will NOT believe that a product can do what it promises, is if I have bought it, tried it and have to admit for myself that the results were less than promised. As a result, I have cabinets, boxes, drawers, closets that are “holding areas” for products that didn’t deliver. My husband says that I am a “snake-oil salesman’s best dream” – I just want to know where I can get some snake-oil!

Anyhoo, in order that all of this hard-gained data does not go to waste (along with some of my hard-gained cash!) I thought that I would share some of my real life beauty product wisdom with the masses. And, as an extra-bonus gift, I’m not going to try to sell YOU anything. Have you noticed that a lot of “consumer review” sites are actually promoting or flat-out selling the product that just happens to have the highest review. Yeah, okay, even I won’t fall for that. So, this is just my honest experience with a product that I am not selling or promoting. I’m thinking of doing a series of “I love beauty products” articles – and there is no downline referral required!

The LightStim Anti-aging Photo-rejuevenation Light. Whew, that’s a mouthful and it comes with a mouthful of promises, too. It promises to energize your cells into better activity, promote your skin’s own natural rejuvenation process and help increase ATP, collagen and elastin production in your skin. Through supplementing with Melatonin for those who are having a hard time to sleep, which usually causes damage to our skin, you can certainly get better results. Clears acne and rosacea, smooths wrinkles, reduces scarring, tones and tightens skin. They even have a video from the Discovery channel. A young man was in a terrible motorcycle accident that left him with severe facial scars and impairments. His doctor began giving him treatments with the LightStim and after several weeks he was able to move his mouth muscles again and the healing of the scars was accelerated. Pretty amazing stuff!

The science is all laid out on their website, complete with layman’s hype and scientific jargon most of us will never understand. It looks like serious research and data. The before and after pictures are very impressive. It can be used on other areas of your body. There are testimonials about relief from aching joints and old injuries. Needless to say, I was sold. I mean, come on, the Discovery channel?! Two hundred dollars did not seem like too much to pay for this wonderful, healing science (opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of my husband!)

The basic idea is that the body needs light but that sunlight comes packed with harmful rays as well as the good ones. The LightStim only supplies the good rays. Great. I’m ready.

So, I get my LightStim and I devotedly, assisduously, religiously follow the directions. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 – still me. Week 4, I’m starting to get the snide remarks and giggles from my husband as I sit on the edge of the bed holding this light to my face. Nothing. THEN things get really interesting. My husband gets a pimple! Very conscious of such things, he tries the LightStim for the prescribed 30-40 seconds. In the morning, the pimple is gone without a trace. Without a trace, I tell you! Hmmm, me thinks, hmmm – could this be because my husband is white and I am black? Could this be because white skin is thinner than skin of color so the light would work quicker and more effectively? I email the company with this question. It is not something that they have done research on. They want me to keep trying the product,let them know my results and they will look into the specific data of skin types. DUH!! Can anyone say OVERSIGHT?! Anyway, that is how things stand now. I tried it nightly for another month, with no noticable results. My husband will use the LightStim for occaisonal outbreaks. I got bored with holding the light to my face with no results and now only think to get back to trying it but never actually do. Maybe I’ll sell it on ebay.


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