New Pokemon Go Update Launched By Niantic

If you’re in Japan, this, in fact, is an exquisite news for you. Lately, we have seen people posting pictures of Pokemon Go while strolling the streets. One remarkable thing about Pokemon Go is that it also makes people less lazy by driving them from their static positions. No wonder the game has got such a craze! However, just like everything has its pros and cons, the cons of Pokemon Go is that people are reckless while playing it. Rumours have that one person has died while playing while the other got hit by a four wheeler. There are many funny and weird incidents as well!Past the unavoidable insane appropriation and likely billions more added to Nintendo’s valuation from the buzz, Pokémon Go’s release in Japan will be a standout, as it is going to be the first official accomplice between any game app and the Marvel organization of Japan. Hanke beforehand said that Niantic would increase the income that Pokemon Go is making from all kind of in-application buys and therefore allow them to form deals with large organizations that can add new features to the game. A patron can make “Poke Stops” or “Exercise Centers” — where Pokémon can be fought or prepared by gamers — at their retail location or areas, a move that could drive certifiable activity and potential deals to their business. For example, in my college, we have a GymKhana, which is listed as “Gym” in Pokemon Go app.

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