Coffee and Athletic Performance: A Positive Relationship

Coffee consumption is often misconstrued as an unhealthy habit. However, nearly anything in excess poses a potential health risk. Coffee’s health risks marginalize when consumed moderately, and actually contributes to good health. Since the turn of the century, most notably, much research supports the positive effects of coffee in athletic performances.

Positively Coffee, a part of the International Coffee Organization’s communication program, states that coffee consumption significantly increases athletic performance in a wide variety of sports. The program continues by explaining that in research studies, all athletes, regardless of gender, level of intensity, or age, stand to benefit from one to two cups of pre-workout coffee. Positively Coffee argues that performance typically increases by an impressive 12.4%. These results are substantial, and cannot be easily ignored. As athlete search how they can improve their productivity coffee is a big help in that. The benefits of a healthy dose of coffee far outweighs its disadvantages. This is why any athlete should consider coffee as his or her best friend. 

Through caffeine, coffee increases alertness, concentration, and especially mental performance. Coffee also decreases lethargy and fatigue. These results can greatly benefit athletes of any skill level. Vanderbilt University states that athletes pursuing endurance sports, and those activities demanding stamina, reap the greatest benefits from coffee consumption. Coffee’s effect on sprinters and short-burst athletes is considerably lower.

Coffee is a mild diuretic, but this diuretic effect is not as pronounced as once believed. The Active Network claims that the urine volume of moderate caffeine consumers parallels the urine volume of individuals drinking water alone. Therefore, athletes need not worry that the hydration necessary for physical activity is jeopardized with coffee consumption.

Vanderbilt explains that there are methods athletes can employ that will maximize caffeine’s positive effects. For example, athletes should abstain from caffeine consumption about four days prior to an event, thus increasing the caffeine’s effect. Athletes should also consume coffee at least a couple of hours before exercising or performing, allowing the caffeine to fully metabolize. All athletes should experiment with coffee prior to the event because caffeine affects different people differently.

Coffee’s positive health benefits extend beyond athletic performance. WebMD reports that coffee lowers cancer and diabetes risks, Parkinson’s, and cirrhosis. Smokers and drinkers also experience fewer ailments associated with such habits, when coupling with coffee consumption.

Coffee consumption is not without its drawbacks. For example, the International Olympic Committee bans caffeine consumption by any athlete, recognizing it as a performance drug. Those introducing caffeine to a workout program should also assess whether or not any preexisting conditions would make coffee consumption unwise. Those with heart conditions or osteoporosis should be most wary.

Serious athletes, recreational athletes, and those who work out should explore coffee consumption as a part of the training regimen. Long has coffee worn a black eye, but when consumed in moderation, the benefits far overshadow any detrimental effect.

See How My Calls Are Monitored For Quality Control

Consider this conversation, transcribed one week after I received assurances from my phone company that a new phone line would be installed before I moved in to my new condo which is a unit in parc central residence:

“We have no record of your phone transfer order…” Judy informed me.

“Yes, you do.”

“No, no we don’t.”

“Ask Kim and John. She took my order; he took me through a pile of questions and said I was good to go.

“We have no record of your call.”

“But,” I insisted, playing my trump card, “you monitored my call for quality control purposes. Ask Kim or John.”

“I don’t know who they are,” said Judy, “but, I assure you, you’ll have a phone on your move date. Don’t worry.”

But I did worry. With good reason. The communicators with whom I’d been dealing were – well, not communicating.

Next time I tried reaching Judy, I got Sarah. “They’re working on your order,” she insisted. I wanted to believe her. I really did, so I gave her a day to confirm.

But nobody called. As this was beginning to mimic my social life, I took the offensive and rang up Sarah.

“Good thing you contacted me,” said Tracy. “There’s no order on file for you. There had been. Someone cancelled it. Don’t worry. I’ll expedite it. A service manager will call you by five to confirm. Since you don’t have call waiting, try not to use your phone until after five.”

Losing clients and alienating friends had become a non-issue at this point. If ignoring everyone meant I’d get phone and Internet service, I’ll mend fences later. But the sacrifice proved futile. Sundown came and still no call. Tracy had lied. And it was now officially the weekend.

At 9 a.m. on Monday, feeling boil-the-bunny mad, I dialed my phone company. Sheila answered and offered to help. I speed-spoke my saga from start to finish, offering a flawless timeline. She promised a supervisor immediately, then promptly cut me off.

I wept as I redialed, lip-synching the “your call may be monitored …” spiel in-between sobs. Exactly eighteen minutes passed, during which time I sniffed my way through the now-familiar recording of the Brandenburg Concerto. When Jenny finally came to my rescue, I was crying so hard, she threatened to disconnect if I didn’t confide in her. I did so and was met by dead silence.

“Can you hear me?” she whispered, so quietly I thought she asked me, “Are you near me?”

“You want to be near me?” I sniffled.

“No, I asked if you could hear me!” she said tersely.

“I can.” I mashed the phone into my ear anticipating state secrets.

“We can’t provide service at your new location. Trust me. It’s not going to happen.”

“It what?”

“You heard me. Not going to happen.”

“Isn’t this call being monitored for quality control?” I stuttered.

“We can’t provide service in the building you’re moving to,” she said quietly, “find another provider and do it soon.”

I looked around. No underground garage. No Hal Holbrook. The click was ominous. I hung up and did as Jenny (Deep Phone) commanded.

Call me jaded, but what transpired next seemed too easy. My new service rep (Marcia) was smug. She assured me that “unlike that other company” I’d have service. She even assigned me a phone number. Hopeful, I chose to believe God had decided I’d had enough abuse and sent Marcia, my guardian angel.

With extreme hope in my heart, I stuck a phone line into the port as soon as I arrived at the condo and said aloud, “God, You can take me now,” when I heard a dial tone. The truck guys assumed my tears of joy were a result of moving stress.

“The nightmare is over at last,” I told the cats. We celebrated with milk and wine that night, but the toast must have triggered an ancient curse. On the following morning, I had no phone service.

“That does it,” I screamed, dialing my cell phone with shaking hands to track down Marcia, but she had disappeared and I got Terry. Whatever. Cliff’s Notes delivered, she promptly solved the mystery: “You’ve been using the former owner’s line. The service tech couldn’t find anyone to let him in on Friday.”

I pictured my high rise: 135 units, on-site manager and large maintenance staff. I didn’t bother to tell Terry that I was home all day. That wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Marcia, I learned, had put my disconnected home number into the space reserved for cell phones. At the time, I didn’t know that I could only get a cell signal if I stood on the balcony and leaned way over the ledge.

After the maximum amount of torture allowed a single customer by the Federal Communications Commission, I finally got phone service the next morning. I was so thrilled, I began treating my hook-up like a newborn. I dialed tenderly. Cradled the handset with care and made only a few calls. I was willing to do anything to nurture my precious line, but telecommunications nirvana was not destined to be mine forever.

A year later – one week after seeing the news announcing that my former carrier had merged with my present one, I was returned to my original service provider without so much as a kiss my grits. Feeling like the Dickensian character who had never quite worked out at any of the adoptive homes she was sent to, I returned to the big house.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps you could drop me a line and let me know what you think. Oh, and don’t call. The phone may not be working.

Fortnite Games- Abide By The Rules

Life is such that you have to follow a certain set of rules and norms and abide by the principles as it is only then will you prevail in the conquest and achieve success in the end. 

This is what is taught by our parents in our childhood but today’s generation don’t care about it and continue to live life on their terms. This concern is often highlighted by parents and they constantly worry about their child’s future all the time. 

Even in something as casual as video games, things are the same as you need to follow the rules set by the game to get to the final destination and proclaim victory. To be honest, rules and regulations are what keep the world threaded together in the form of law and justice otherwise there would be anarchy everywhere. 

Basics For Starters 

Fortnite is one such game and is the favorite among the children as they are constantly found playing it on their smartphones and refuse to look away even if they are slapped out of the trance. 

Alongwith PUBG, it vies for the top spot in the world of games and has held an entire generation of kids under its fingertips. 

There are certain rules that have to be followed by fortnite and they are as follows: 

  1. Never use things found on spawn island like guns, wood, metal, building debris and others 
  2. Fortnite account for sale means that they can be resold again at a better price so therefore have it ready for future levels
  3. Wait patiently for the spiral bus and the horn will honk its way to signal you to drop from it and land on the map located on the ground 
  4. Never deploy your glider while making the jump as it can prove fatal and kill you 

Dentist Quits Practice Abruptly: Patients Left With Mouths Wide Open

Is it unreasonable to assume that as a patient of a health practitioner, I would be notified if the practice were relocating, the doctor was retiring, selling the practice or any such action? Well, not so for my husband’s recent visit to our dentist. We moved to Georgia in 2006 and like everyone else who relocates, the tedious and sometimes frustrating journey begins to find new doctors, dentists, specialists and the like. In order to avoid such incidents, you can do your research online. For instance, the link cosmetic dentist san Mateo will provide you details about some of the experienced dentists that are there in the region. Before you consult them the ratings and patient reviews are surely going to help you.

Added to that, you have to write signed letters to the former medical practitioner to send your records to your new health practitioner. These procedures take time and diligence as well as perseverance. Once you have completed all the steps, you then breathe a sigh of relief, believing that you will hopefully not have to change practitioners in the foreseeable future. Well, we quickly found out not always is that a realistic expectation.

My husband went for his regularly scheduled quarterly dental appointment only to be greeted by the receptionist’s request to complete a set of forms. He questioned the receptionist and stated that these forms had already been completed on previous visits. The receptionist gave a reason that seemed plausible so there was no further discussion.

My husband’s first shock was walking into the office. Normally, because our former dentist had separate offices for children and adults, my husband proceeded to walk in the doorway for the adult office when he was politely asked by the receptionist “Can I help you?” He explained that he was going to the usual entrance but was told that everyone would sign in at a central desk, no separate offices anymore. He observed the entire office had been remodeled and the staff was new.

He knew no one. The title of the practice was changed and a new dentist was in charge. At first, we thought our dentist had added a partner but quickly found out that was not the case. No explanation was given by the new staff as to what had transpired between my husband’s appointment three months ago and his present appointment. Admittedly, my husband did not directly ask because he felt the staff would not have volunteered the information.

Troubled by the change and not being informed of the status of our former dentist and staff, I decided to call our local dental referral service to see what I could learn. Unfortunately, our dentist did not list with the dental referral agency so no information was available. I then called the Georgia State Dental Association and a sympathetic staff member understood our feelings of abandonment and stated she, too, had once experienced the same scenario. She looked into her database and also reported that there were no details on my particular dentist because he had not listed as a member, which is apparently a voluntary action on the part of the dentist.

She explained that although she did not know the particulars of my dentist’s actions, that often when a dentist sells his practice, he also is required to leave the patients’ files for the new dentist and he is not allowed to reveal to the patients that he is leaving as a contractual condition. She further advised that I could contact the State Board of Examiners for Dentistry to see if they could shed light on our dentist’s status.

It appears that this course of action occurs more commonly than we had imagined. Whenever I have had a change in health practitioners, I have always been notified by the practitioner the reason for the change be it retirement, adding a partner, or selling the practice.

I suppose in Georgia there is no regard for informing the patient of future actions. I have an appointment in January and I intend to ask the person how did the change occurs and see if they will be forthcoming with information. By that time, things would have settled and perhaps the staff will be willing to speak about the matter.

Nevertheless, because I do not wish to go through searching for a new dentist, I will give the new dentist a chance. My husband states he is a young dentist and was cordial. Hopefully, he is right. A word of caution to all: Be on guard that the health practitioner you see today may not be the health practitioner you see tomorrow.

6 Easy Steps To Protect Your PC From Hackers

With so much time that people spend online, it is really important that protect their PC from hackers. Besides, system security files such as Liutilities file extension there are several tips that you should follow for improved security from online attacks. 

  1. The first layer of protection is the installation of any credible and latest anti-virus software. You can invest in a paid version as well for improved security. An up to date anti-virus will provide you security against most of the online attacks along with a safe browsing experience. 
  2. As you keep your Windows up to date you get the latest security updates as well which are really helpful against online attacks and virus programs. You can even turn ON Windows firewall in order to prevent viruses and hackers to install any unauthorized program.
    The firewall program is a pre-installed program that is there to prevent the installation of any unauthorized program on your PC. You can see the firewall icon at the right-bottom of your screen. A green symbol there indicates that everything is working normally while yellow and red indicate problems.

  3. As you use the latest browser for browsing you get additional security as with every update the security of these browsers is also improved. Instead of using Internet Explorer you can easily use other credible browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firebox for a much better online experience. 
  4. Opening emails that have virus programs attached in them is a really common way through which people get their PCs hacked. This is where you should always avoid such fishy emails as they are just a waste of time. You can easily recognize such emails with their structure and how they always ask you to submit your personal details. 
  5. Windows also offer a Malicious software removal tool that you can use in order to completely delete any software that is harmful to your computer.
  6. Lastly, if you still face any issue you can use a boot CD to scan your PC properly and remove any malicious software or program that is there in your hard disk.

How to Prepare Your Home for Child Care

You are now licensed and ready to accept children in your Family Day Care Home. You have decided on the rate that you will be charging and the days and hours that you will be available. There are various successful and popular childcare centers that you can visit to learn more about this process. One such institution is Kindle School. Kindle School is a coeducational Nursery and Primary school that you can visit to see what you need in terms of staff and facilities to run your center smoothly. 

Now you need to set your home up to meet the needs and demands of your family and run a successful business. Even though you are staying at home, you want to be able to separate your family life from your work. If you don’t you may feel overwhelmed and eventually, this will play an important role in how successful your business is.

You will need to provide toys for each age group, storybooks, dress-up clothes, arts and crafts, computer time, diapering area, nap area, a friendly place to eat with booster chairs and high chairs. Additionally, you need a place to keep shoes, jackets, and bags. If you are able to have a couple of rooms just for child care, that is great. Some people have turned their basement into their child care area, sectioning off areas as needed. If you don’t have ample space, consider sectioning off certain areas in each room appropriately. For example, you will need a place to read storybooks at storytime. You also need a place to keep them. A corner in your family room would be great. Buy some scatter rugs, one for each child, for them to sit on during the reading time. This will help the children know that when they are sitting on the rug, you are reading a story. Don’t force them to sit on the rugs.

To avoid getting stuck in a rut and overwhelmed, consider purchasing uniform shirts or certain outfits to wear while you are tending to children. When your last child leaves, you can change into the clothes you enjoy wearing around the house. While working at home offers many rewards, you very seldom have quality time for yourself to do what you like to do. Your work and your home life will eventually seem like they run together. This will leave you feeling like you can never get anything done and overwhelmed. But there is a way to avoid that. From the beginning, you need to have your child care sectioned off and you need to wear certain clothes. You also need a day to clean your child’s care and sanitize your equipment. Buy a sign to hang in the window that reads Open or Closed. Anything that you can do to separate your work from home will only help you.

Plan a day full of activities for children to do, so that you are constantly busy and so are they. The children will learn a lot from you because you spend most of their awake time with them. You provide the basic needs in a small group environment. With children, everything is an adventure. You can escape the television for a trip across the deep blue sea, or visit the statue of liberty on a make-believe boat. When you take the children out, take time to look at the clouds and try to figure out the shapes. Arts and Craft time doesn’t always have to be an expensive craft for them to take home every week. It can be a plain piece of paper that has a picture of something that they created. Once a week, provide a time where they can help prepare lunch. This helps them to pay attention to what others need and want. It also lets them feel important and responsible. Children need that. Child care shouldn’t be about children sitting around and watching television until their parents come back. It is your time to make their world open up to a completely new light.

Taking care of children offers you unlimited hugs and kisses, little hands that depend on yours to guide them, little hearts that offer a lot of love, and a special time that lets the child in you feel free.

Reverse Mortgage/Senior Citizens

A reverse mortgage is what it sounds like. It is just the opposite of a traditional mortgage. With a traditional mortgage; the borrowers get a large sum of money. They purchase the property and make monthly payments. The individual(s) pay property taxes and insurance. The equity increases and your interest decreases. You start off paying mostly interest and as time passes, more and more of your money goes to paying the principal and less to paying interest.

With a reverse mortgage loan, the equity decreases and the interest increases. Seniors 62 and older can borrow money against part of the equity that have built up in the home. There are no income verifications for a reverse mortgage loan. When you get a reverse mortgage loan; the borrower must first pay off any existing loan balance that they owe on the home. Whatever equity is left goes to the borrower. The individual(s) never have to make monthly payments as long as one of the borrowers is living in the home. The money is tax free because it is not income. The senior still owns the home and keeps the title. The house is going to do what it is going to do. It may rise in value or the value of the home could drop. However, the borrower still has to pay the interest on the amount of money borrowed. The lender cannot demand payments if the loan becomes greater than the value of the home. The home pays for the loan after the last surviving borrower fail to live in the home for 12 consecutive months or dies.

The home owner is still responsible for paying property taxes and insurance. The reverse mortgage does not affect social security or medical benefits. It’s like getting a loam from lån med betalningsanmärkning och skulder hos kronofogden where you will be provided with the schedule of fees along with all of the policies and agreements.

With a traditional mortgage, you can go into foreclosure if you default in monthly payments. With a reverse mortgage, you can’t go into foreclosure because the loan is not due until all the borrowers either dies or fails to occupy the property for twelve consecutive months; even if it is because of physical or mental health.

The reverse mortgage loan uses equity built up in your home to let you get cash. The older you are the more valuable your home is, the less you owe on it, the lower the interest rate; the more money you will be able to borrow. Depending on the age and other factors like the value of the home; seniors can live in their home free of monthly payments and get cash.

For example; if a senior borrow 325,000 on part of the equity in the home. And the principal pay off on the home is 225,000. The borrower can get the balance of the money in one lump sum; or monthly payments; or a line of credit, or a combination of the above. Keep in mind that interest builds up on all the money a borrower gets. The more money you borrow; the more interest you will owe at the end of the loan. Therefore at the end of the loan interest will have accumulated on any monthly payment, or lump sum, or line of credit the borrower receives. If the borrower decides to later sell the homes, they could end up owing a lot of interest; depending on how much money has been borrowed. However, if the borrower remains with the reverse mortgage, the home pays for itself; regardless of how much interest has accumulated.

Keep in mind that age and the value of the home plays a key role in how much money one can borrow. If a senior is in their early or mid sixties they may just get by with living in their home with no monthly payments. They may or may not be able to borrow enough money to get the lump sum, or line of credit, or monthly payments. It depends on how much equity is built up, value of the home, interest rate, and age.

A reverse mortgage can only be taken out on your primary resident where the borrower lives. Generally a mobile home is not eligible; however, if it was built in 1977 or later; and have a permanent foundation that is approved by FHA. It may be eligible.

There are three types of reverse mortgages:

  1. Federal Insured:

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), widely available; no income requirements.

  1. Government Sponsor:

Fannie Mae Home Keeper Reverse Mortgage. This mortgage addresses some needs that are not met by HECM; such as higher value properties and condominium owners. This is useful for seniors that may want to use the loan to purchase a new home.

  1. Proprietary:

Private loans, which are backed by the companies that develops them.

The reverse mortgage may become due if the borrowers fail to pay property taxes or home insurance. The mortgage may become due if the home owner let the property deteriorate beyond reasonable wear and tear and do not repair the property damages.

When the last surviving borrower dies or do not live in the home for twelve consecutive months; the loan becomes due and is paid from the sale of the property. The remaining equity if any, goes to the borrower or the heirs. If the appraised value of the home is less than the loan balance; none of your other assets will be affected. The loan will still be paid off in full. The home pays for the loan.

Since you are not paying monthly payments, on a reverse mortgage loan, you cannot claim the interest when you file your tax return. Also, you can’t get a home equity loan as long as you have the reverse mortgage loan. However, you can sell or refinance the home.

How to Build Muscles Fast in 6 Easy Steps

The biggest mistake that most people make who are looking to build muscles fast is to try and imitate professional bodybuilders. As pro bodybuilders do not train naturally, performing their routines will never make anyone build muscle quickly.

Everyone’s body is different, and therefore everyone needs a different approach to building muscles. Here are some strategies that will work for anyone who is trying to build muscles fast:

1) Food and nutrition – think you’re going to get strong by eating fast food all day? Get real! Nutrition is one of the biggest factors other than exercise for building muscle. After all, you will never look muscular no matter how long you train if you eat all the wrong foods.

Try to eat foods that are high in calories, high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates, and are whole foods with good vitamin and mineral content. Some recommendations include eggs, whole milk, whole grain pasta, rice, chicken, steak, fish, bananas, and oranges. Green vegetables like spinach also helps, which is probably why Popeye always gets ultra-strong when he pops spinach out from a can. Aside from eating healthy food, you can also take supplements like testogen. What is Testogen? Simply, it is a supplement that supports you in muscle building. 

2) Gym preparation – there is no use in wanting to go to the gym if you are not in the right frame of mind and doubt that you can ever achieve anything. Like anything, you have to have the right motivation to keep on going. It may seem airy fairy, but scientific research have found that developing a mind-muscle connection optimizes your gym results.

So, how do you develop this connection, you may ask? When you complete every repetition, visualize the muscles you are targeting as growing. Focusing on the effect that using weight on your muscles increases the size and power you are after is more important than the amount on the bar. In this way, you are building a positive mindset of muscle-building in order to help build muscles instead of getting distracted by the hot girl working out next to you.

3) Starting out – You will need to start basic otherwise you will overwork your mind and body. Recommended multi-joint exercises to start off with include using the overhead press, bench press, and the barbell row. Make sure that you use the correct technique with every repetition.

Other recommendations include push ups, crunches, and pull ups. As you progress in time, you can still uses these basic exercises but with heavier weights.

4) Lift some weights – use barbells as there is more weight and stress placed on your muscles. Dumbbells are only good as an optional extra.

5) Multi-tasking – do exercises that concentrate on several muscles at a time. Instead of bicep curls, try pull ups, chin ups, and barbell rows. Do dips, as well as bench and overhead presses instead of triceps kickbacks. When you are training your legs, the best exercise to do are squats. With squats, you can even save some time by doing lifting dumbbells!

6) Recover – recovering from each work out is very important in order for you not to over train yourself. Rest well, drink lots of water, eat healthily, and remember that it’s the quality of gym time not the quantity of gym time that counts.

The percentage of people that want to quit the gym after a few days or weeks of joining is fairly high. If you feel a bit lazy, remember to get those tunes cranking on your MP3 player while you are working out, and get a friend to be your gym buddy so you motivate each other to go and work out. As you get stronger and track your progress, you will see a big change in your physique after doing all of the above for at least 2 months. These 6 steps are guaranteed to help you grow muscles fast.

The Best PC RPG Games Of The Decade

RPG is a genre that makes up excellent games. In this article, we will list the best RPG games ever released on PC this last decade, and why they earned their spot. Without further ado, let’s start: 

  1. GTA V

The Grand Theft Auto series is primarily an open world action game, however, there are still role playing elements in the game. You can customize your character, from their stats to their clothes, and weapons. There is also a deep story that is influenced by your choices earlier in the game to some extent. There is also the usual world exploration and item collections that RPG games are famous for. If you want a modern RPG game with a great and vast open world set in the modern era, GTA V is something that you shouldn’t miss. The game also features mods through the use of a gta 5 mod menu xbox 360.

  1. World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft features countless expansion packs so that you will never run out of things to do and places to explore. It also builds upon the rich Warcraft lore built previously by the earlier games set in the Warcraft universe. The game features hundreds of hours of playtime, even more so if you aim for 100% conclusion. Also, the game features a subscription model, so that you will only need to pay in the months that you are playing the game.

  1. Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is an RPG game that is based on the books of the same name. What makes the Witcher 3 game special is that it will let you choose between two different moral paths, however, you cannot discern good choices from bad choices from the beginning. Therefore, the game has great replayability since you will thirst to see the multiple endings.

My Experience with the LightStim

I love beauty products. No, I mean I LOVE beauty products!! Creams, lotions, herbs, gadgets – miracle solutions one and all! It seems the only requirement to pique my curiousity with a beauty product is to be something that I have never tried. The only time I will NOT believe that a product can do what it promises, is if I have bought it, tried it and have to admit for myself that the results were less than promised. As a result, I have cabinets, boxes, drawers, closets that are “holding areas” for products that didn’t deliver. My husband says that I am a “snake-oil salesman’s best dream” – I just want to know where I can get some snake-oil!

Anyhoo, in order that all of this hard-gained data does not go to waste (along with some of my hard-gained cash!) I thought that I would share some of my real life beauty product wisdom with the masses. And, as an extra-bonus gift, I’m not going to try to sell YOU anything. Have you noticed that a lot of “consumer review” sites are actually promoting or flat-out selling the product that just happens to have the highest review. Yeah, okay, even I won’t fall for that. So, this is just my honest experience with a product that I am not selling or promoting. I’m thinking of doing a series of “I love beauty products” articles – and there is no downline referral required!

The LightStim Anti-aging Photo-rejuevenation Light. Whew, that’s a mouthful and it comes with a mouthful of promises, too. It promises to energize your cells into better activity, promote your skin’s own natural rejuvenation process and help increase ATP, collagen and elastin production in your skin. Through supplementing with Melatonin for those who are having a hard time to sleep, which usually causes damage to our skin, you can certainly get better results. Clears acne and rosacea, smooths wrinkles, reduces scarring, tones and tightens skin. They even have a video from the Discovery channel. A young man was in a terrible motorcycle accident that left him with severe facial scars and impairments. His doctor began giving him treatments with the LightStim and after several weeks he was able to move his mouth muscles again and the healing of the scars was accelerated. Pretty amazing stuff!

The science is all laid out on their website, complete with layman’s hype and scientific jargon most of us will never understand. It looks like serious research and data. The before and after pictures are very impressive. It can be used on other areas of your body. There are testimonials about relief from aching joints and old injuries. Needless to say, I was sold. I mean, come on, the Discovery channel?! Two hundred dollars did not seem like too much to pay for this wonderful, healing science (opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of my husband!)

The basic idea is that the body needs light but that sunlight comes packed with harmful rays as well as the good ones. The LightStim only supplies the good rays. Great. I’m ready.

So, I get my LightStim and I devotedly, assisduously, religiously follow the directions. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 – still me. Week 4, I’m starting to get the snide remarks and giggles from my husband as I sit on the edge of the bed holding this light to my face. Nothing. THEN things get really interesting. My husband gets a pimple! Very conscious of such things, he tries the LightStim for the prescribed 30-40 seconds. In the morning, the pimple is gone without a trace. Without a trace, I tell you! Hmmm, me thinks, hmmm – could this be because my husband is white and I am black? Could this be because white skin is thinner than skin of color so the light would work quicker and more effectively? I email the company with this question. It is not something that they have done research on. They want me to keep trying the product,let them know my results and they will look into the specific data of skin types. DUH!! Can anyone say OVERSIGHT?! Anyway, that is how things stand now. I tried it nightly for another month, with no noticable results. My husband will use the LightStim for occaisonal outbreaks. I got bored with holding the light to my face with no results and now only think to get back to trying it but never actually do. Maybe I’ll sell it on ebay.