How to Prepare Your Home for Child Care

You are now licensed and ready to accept children in your Family Day Care Home. You have decided on the rate that you will be charging and the days and hours that you will be available. There are various successful and popular childcare centers that you can visit to learn more about this process. One such institution is Kindle School. Kindle School is a coeducational Nursery and Primary school that you can visit to see what you need in terms of staff and facilities to run your center smoothly. 

Now you need to set your home up to meet the needs and demands of your family and run a successful business. Even though you are staying at home, you want to be able to separate your family life from your work. If you don’t you may feel overwhelmed and eventually, this will play an important role in how successful your business is.

You will need to provide toys for each age group, storybooks, dress-up clothes, arts and crafts, computer time, diapering area, nap area, a friendly place to eat with booster chairs and high chairs. Additionally, you need a place to keep shoes, jackets, and bags. If you are able to have a couple of rooms just for child care, that is great. Some people have turned their basement into their child care area, sectioning off areas as needed. If you don’t have ample space, consider sectioning off certain areas in each room appropriately. For example, you will need a place to read storybooks at storytime. You also need a place to keep them. A corner in your family room would be great. Buy some scatter rugs, one for each child, for them to sit on during the reading time. This will help the children know that when they are sitting on the rug, you are reading a story. Don’t force them to sit on the rugs.

To avoid getting stuck in a rut and overwhelmed, consider purchasing uniform shirts or certain outfits to wear while you are tending to children. When your last child leaves, you can change into the clothes you enjoy wearing around the house. While working at home offers many rewards, you very seldom have quality time for yourself to do what you like to do. Your work and your home life will eventually seem like they run together. This will leave you feeling like you can never get anything done and overwhelmed. But there is a way to avoid that. From the beginning, you need to have your child care sectioned off and you need to wear certain clothes. You also need a day to clean your child’s care and sanitize your equipment. Buy a sign to hang in the window that reads Open or Closed. Anything that you can do to separate your work from home will only help you.

Plan a day full of activities for children to do, so that you are constantly busy and so are they. The children will learn a lot from you because you spend most of their awake time with them. You provide the basic needs in a small group environment. With children, everything is an adventure. You can escape the television for a trip across the deep blue sea, or visit the statue of liberty on a make-believe boat. When you take the children out, take time to look at the clouds and try to figure out the shapes. Arts and Craft time doesn’t always have to be an expensive craft for them to take home every week. It can be a plain piece of paper that has a picture of something that they created. Once a week, provide a time where they can help prepare lunch. This helps them to pay attention to what others need and want. It also lets them feel important and responsible. Children need that. Child care shouldn’t be about children sitting around and watching television until their parents come back. It is your time to make their world open up to a completely new light.

Taking care of children offers you unlimited hugs and kisses, little hands that depend on yours to guide them, little hearts that offer a lot of love, and a special time that lets the child in you feel free.

Reverse Mortgage/Senior Citizens

A reverse mortgage is what it sounds like. It is just the opposite of a traditional mortgage. With a traditional mortgage; the borrowers get a large sum of money. They purchase the property and make monthly payments. The individual(s) pay property taxes and insurance. The equity increases and your interest decreases. You start off paying mostly interest and as time passes, more and more of your money goes to paying the principal and less to paying interest.

With a reverse mortgage loan, the equity decreases and the interest increases. Seniors 62 and older can borrow money against part of the equity that have built up in the home. There are no income verifications for a reverse mortgage loan. When you get a reverse mortgage loan; the borrower must first pay off any existing loan balance that they owe on the home. Whatever equity is left goes to the borrower. The individual(s) never have to make monthly payments as long as one of the borrowers is living in the home. The money is tax free because it is not income. The senior still owns the home and keeps the title. The house is going to do what it is going to do. It may rise in value or the value of the home could drop. However, the borrower still has to pay the interest on the amount of money borrowed. The lender cannot demand payments if the loan becomes greater than the value of the home. The home pays for the loan after the last surviving borrower fail to live in the home for 12 consecutive months or dies.

The home owner is still responsible for paying property taxes and insurance. The reverse mortgage does not affect social security or medical benefits. It’s like getting a loam from lån med betalningsanmärkning och skulder hos kronofogden where you will be provided with the schedule of fees along with all of the policies and agreements.

With a traditional mortgage, you can go into foreclosure if you default in monthly payments. With a reverse mortgage, you can’t go into foreclosure because the loan is not due until all the borrowers either dies or fails to occupy the property for twelve consecutive months; even if it is because of physical or mental health.

The reverse mortgage loan uses equity built up in your home to let you get cash. The older you are the more valuable your home is, the less you owe on it, the lower the interest rate; the more money you will be able to borrow. Depending on the age and other factors like the value of the home; seniors can live in their home free of monthly payments and get cash.

For example; if a senior borrow 325,000 on part of the equity in the home. And the principal pay off on the home is 225,000. The borrower can get the balance of the money in one lump sum; or monthly payments; or a line of credit, or a combination of the above. Keep in mind that interest builds up on all the money a borrower gets. The more money you borrow; the more interest you will owe at the end of the loan. Therefore at the end of the loan interest will have accumulated on any monthly payment, or lump sum, or line of credit the borrower receives. If the borrower decides to later sell the homes, they could end up owing a lot of interest; depending on how much money has been borrowed. However, if the borrower remains with the reverse mortgage, the home pays for itself; regardless of how much interest has accumulated.

Keep in mind that age and the value of the home plays a key role in how much money one can borrow. If a senior is in their early or mid sixties they may just get by with living in their home with no monthly payments. They may or may not be able to borrow enough money to get the lump sum, or line of credit, or monthly payments. It depends on how much equity is built up, value of the home, interest rate, and age.

A reverse mortgage can only be taken out on your primary resident where the borrower lives. Generally a mobile home is not eligible; however, if it was built in 1977 or later; and have a permanent foundation that is approved by FHA. It may be eligible.

There are three types of reverse mortgages:

  1. Federal Insured:

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), widely available; no income requirements.

  1. Government Sponsor:

Fannie Mae Home Keeper Reverse Mortgage. This mortgage addresses some needs that are not met by HECM; such as higher value properties and condominium owners. This is useful for seniors that may want to use the loan to purchase a new home.

  1. Proprietary:

Private loans, which are backed by the companies that develops them.

The reverse mortgage may become due if the borrowers fail to pay property taxes or home insurance. The mortgage may become due if the home owner let the property deteriorate beyond reasonable wear and tear and do not repair the property damages.

When the last surviving borrower dies or do not live in the home for twelve consecutive months; the loan becomes due and is paid from the sale of the property. The remaining equity if any, goes to the borrower or the heirs. If the appraised value of the home is less than the loan balance; none of your other assets will be affected. The loan will still be paid off in full. The home pays for the loan.

Since you are not paying monthly payments, on a reverse mortgage loan, you cannot claim the interest when you file your tax return. Also, you can’t get a home equity loan as long as you have the reverse mortgage loan. However, you can sell or refinance the home.

How to Build Muscles Fast in 6 Easy Steps

The biggest mistake that most people make who are looking to build muscles fast is to try and imitate professional bodybuilders. As pro bodybuilders do not train naturally, performing their routines will never make anyone build muscle quickly.

Everyone’s body is different, and therefore everyone needs a different approach to building muscles. Here are some strategies that will work for anyone who is trying to build muscles fast:

1) Food and nutrition – think you’re going to get strong by eating fast food all day? Get real! Nutrition is one of the biggest factors other than exercise for building muscle. After all, you will never look muscular no matter how long you train if you eat all the wrong foods.

Try to eat foods that are high in calories, high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates, and are whole foods with good vitamin and mineral content. Some recommendations include eggs, whole milk, whole grain pasta, rice, chicken, steak, fish, bananas, and oranges. Green vegetables like spinach also helps, which is probably why Popeye always gets ultra-strong when he pops spinach out from a can. Aside from eating healthy food, you can also take supplements like testogen. What is Testogen? Simply, it is a supplement that supports you in muscle building. 

2) Gym preparation – there is no use in wanting to go to the gym if you are not in the right frame of mind and doubt that you can ever achieve anything. Like anything, you have to have the right motivation to keep on going. It may seem airy fairy, but scientific research have found that developing a mind-muscle connection optimizes your gym results.

So, how do you develop this connection, you may ask? When you complete every repetition, visualize the muscles you are targeting as growing. Focusing on the effect that using weight on your muscles increases the size and power you are after is more important than the amount on the bar. In this way, you are building a positive mindset of muscle-building in order to help build muscles instead of getting distracted by the hot girl working out next to you.

3) Starting out – You will need to start basic otherwise you will overwork your mind and body. Recommended multi-joint exercises to start off with include using the overhead press, bench press, and the barbell row. Make sure that you use the correct technique with every repetition.

Other recommendations include push ups, crunches, and pull ups. As you progress in time, you can still uses these basic exercises but with heavier weights.

4) Lift some weights – use barbells as there is more weight and stress placed on your muscles. Dumbbells are only good as an optional extra.

5) Multi-tasking – do exercises that concentrate on several muscles at a time. Instead of bicep curls, try pull ups, chin ups, and barbell rows. Do dips, as well as bench and overhead presses instead of triceps kickbacks. When you are training your legs, the best exercise to do are squats. With squats, you can even save some time by doing lifting dumbbells!

6) Recover – recovering from each work out is very important in order for you not to over train yourself. Rest well, drink lots of water, eat healthily, and remember that it’s the quality of gym time not the quantity of gym time that counts.

The percentage of people that want to quit the gym after a few days or weeks of joining is fairly high. If you feel a bit lazy, remember to get those tunes cranking on your MP3 player while you are working out, and get a friend to be your gym buddy so you motivate each other to go and work out. As you get stronger and track your progress, you will see a big change in your physique after doing all of the above for at least 2 months. These 6 steps are guaranteed to help you grow muscles fast.

The Best PC RPG Games Of The Decade

RPG is a genre that makes up excellent games. In this article, we will list the best RPG games ever released on PC this last decade, and why they earned their spot. Without further ado, let’s start: 

  1. GTA V

The Grand Theft Auto series is primarily an open world action game, however, there are still role playing elements in the game. You can customize your character, from their stats to their clothes, and weapons. There is also a deep story that is influenced by your choices earlier in the game to some extent. There is also the usual world exploration and item collections that RPG games are famous for. If you want a modern RPG game with a great and vast open world set in the modern era, GTA V is something that you shouldn’t miss. The game also features mods through the use of a gta 5 mod menu xbox 360.

  1. World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft features countless expansion packs so that you will never run out of things to do and places to explore. It also builds upon the rich Warcraft lore built previously by the earlier games set in the Warcraft universe. The game features hundreds of hours of playtime, even more so if you aim for 100% conclusion. Also, the game features a subscription model, so that you will only need to pay in the months that you are playing the game.

  1. Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is an RPG game that is based on the books of the same name. What makes the Witcher 3 game special is that it will let you choose between two different moral paths, however, you cannot discern good choices from bad choices from the beginning. Therefore, the game has great replayability since you will thirst to see the multiple endings.

My Experience with the LightStim

I love beauty products. No, I mean I LOVE beauty products!! Creams, lotions, herbs, gadgets – miracle solutions one and all! It seems the only requirement to pique my curiousity with a beauty product is to be something that I have never tried. The only time I will NOT believe that a product can do what it promises, is if I have bought it, tried it and have to admit for myself that the results were less than promised. As a result, I have cabinets, boxes, drawers, closets that are “holding areas” for products that didn’t deliver. My husband says that I am a “snake-oil salesman’s best dream” – I just want to know where I can get some snake-oil!

Anyhoo, in order that all of this hard-gained data does not go to waste (along with some of my hard-gained cash!) I thought that I would share some of my real life beauty product wisdom with the masses. And, as an extra-bonus gift, I’m not going to try to sell YOU anything. Have you noticed that a lot of “consumer review” sites are actually promoting or flat-out selling the product that just happens to have the highest review. Yeah, okay, even I won’t fall for that. So, this is just my honest experience with a product that I am not selling or promoting. I’m thinking of doing a series of “I love beauty products” articles – and there is no downline referral required!

The LightStim Anti-aging Photo-rejuevenation Light. Whew, that’s a mouthful and it comes with a mouthful of promises, too. It promises to energize your cells into better activity, promote your skin’s own natural rejuvenation process and help increase ATP, collagen and elastin production in your skin. Through supplementing with Melatonin for those who are having a hard time to sleep, which usually causes damage to our skin, you can certainly get better results. Clears acne and rosacea, smooths wrinkles, reduces scarring, tones and tightens skin. They even have a video from the Discovery channel. A young man was in a terrible motorcycle accident that left him with severe facial scars and impairments. His doctor began giving him treatments with the LightStim and after several weeks he was able to move his mouth muscles again and the healing of the scars was accelerated. Pretty amazing stuff!

The science is all laid out on their website, complete with layman’s hype and scientific jargon most of us will never understand. It looks like serious research and data. The before and after pictures are very impressive. It can be used on other areas of your body. There are testimonials about relief from aching joints and old injuries. Needless to say, I was sold. I mean, come on, the Discovery channel?! Two hundred dollars did not seem like too much to pay for this wonderful, healing science (opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of my husband!)

The basic idea is that the body needs light but that sunlight comes packed with harmful rays as well as the good ones. The LightStim only supplies the good rays. Great. I’m ready.

So, I get my LightStim and I devotedly, assisduously, religiously follow the directions. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 – still me. Week 4, I’m starting to get the snide remarks and giggles from my husband as I sit on the edge of the bed holding this light to my face. Nothing. THEN things get really interesting. My husband gets a pimple! Very conscious of such things, he tries the LightStim for the prescribed 30-40 seconds. In the morning, the pimple is gone without a trace. Without a trace, I tell you! Hmmm, me thinks, hmmm – could this be because my husband is white and I am black? Could this be because white skin is thinner than skin of color so the light would work quicker and more effectively? I email the company with this question. It is not something that they have done research on. They want me to keep trying the product,let them know my results and they will look into the specific data of skin types. DUH!! Can anyone say OVERSIGHT?! Anyway, that is how things stand now. I tried it nightly for another month, with no noticable results. My husband will use the LightStim for occaisonal outbreaks. I got bored with holding the light to my face with no results and now only think to get back to trying it but never actually do. Maybe I’ll sell it on ebay.

Tips On Creating Fascinating Myspace

Yes, creating a private Rust server with the help of is great. But social media is taking the world by storm today.

The social networking phenomenon known simply as Myspace has an estimated 55 million subscribers and is one of the most popular social websites since the internet’s conception. It has become a daily meeting place for hundreds of thousands of 15-35-year-olds, giving its users a platform for social networking, a place to connect with others of the same interests, track down that girl you had a crush on in High School, look up your favorite artists or brag to your friends about your excessive number of page views. Like any other Social and technological phenomenon, many others have turned myspace into a profit. Sites which cater to the excessive “pimping out” of the boring old default template into a personal expression of individuality are proliferating at an exponential rate. Why are there so many of these sites? Because the services and basic codes they offer are so simple that even a person with an elementary knowledge of networking and html can make them! In this article I will show you how you can make your own myspace, on your own and without going to all those “bling” sites. I broke it down into a few important categories.


Instead of clicking obsessively from band to band to find the perfect song for your page, you can upload your own mp3’s from your computer into a player with almost no effort.

Here’s how: Go to a file hosting site that allows large files like and create an account.

Upload some mp3’s to the site and then go to a site like and use the mp3 generator.

Copy and paste your file lodge URL’s (the address your mp3 is hosted at) into the gazzump URL boxes, choose a title for the song and click “generate the code” at the bottom of the screen.

There you have your mp3 player that you can start, stop, rewind, fast forward and all other mp3 functions with no internet browser compatibility issues.


Have a great picture you want as a background but no sites offer that same pic as a background? Never fear you can do it yourself!

Here’s how: Use a picture editing program (Photoshop is best) and resize the pic to 1022 pixels wide and 818 pixels high.

Go to an and host the image. Remember not to resize it again! Then copy the code that says “direct link to image”.

Go to a good profile editing site like and use the editor. In the box where it says “background url”, paste the URL and choose image back ground position: Background center. Background Repeat: yes and Move with scroll:yes.

Tweak the other aspects of the editor like font and link color to your liking.

When you’re done press generate and there you have your code.

Online Now Icon:

Are you sick of all the lame “online now” icons that the bling websites offer? You can make your own! Its easier then you think. Open a picture you want to appear as your online now symbol and resize it to 80 pixels wide by 20 pixels high. If you want to resize a moving (gif) picture use Ulead gif animator.

Go to again and host the picture. Copy and paste the direct link to image into where it says LINK TO IMAGE in the code below. This code will block the old online now icon and replace it with your much cooler personalized picture.

These are merely a few codes that will make your space stand out amongst the herds of teeny bopper conformists that have other do the work for them. Once you start doing the whole html/css thing and recognizing the codes people will pay you to do their sites, I know it happened this way to me. Below are some great codes and sites that maximize the scripting and minimize the blinging. Good luck.

Top 5 important things that you must know regarding Cybertruck GTA 5 PC mod!!!

Developers have already released Tesla Cybertruck in the game. GTA 5 is an adventurous game that is associated with a variety of best vehicles.  The developer of the GTA 5 has recently uploaded some new artwork for the GTA 5. You will able to play the GTA 5 mod menu PS4, where one can customize the game according to the requirements. 

Nothing is better than Cybertruck in GTA 5 because it will enable you to produce a significant amount of damage in the game. It is a glorious mode that is offering lots of benefits to GTA lovers. It is one of the great open-world games that are associated with a variety of modes.  It is a fantastic mode that is making the world feel alive. The following are five vital things that a person should know related to the Cybertruck GTA 5 PC mod.

  • Pre-orders

As per professionals, more than 300000 Tesla has already been purchased by the professional players. If you are one who wants to add such an incredible vehicle to the garage, then one should purchase it. There are so many best streamers are out there that are showing off such an incredible car.  Ultimately, it is considered as one of the great electric pickup truck that is offering a lot of benefits to the gamers. It is a completely fantastic vehicle that will help you in winning the toughest mission in the game. In order to make the game more interesting, then you should add the Cybertruck in the inventory. Apart from that, there are a lot of photorealistic proportions available in the game that will able to convert the Los Santos to cyberpunk settings with ease.

  • Become a powerful iron man

If possible, then one should install the forever popular mod in the GTA 5 that will help you in becoming an Iron man. Fully operational Iron Man suit is associated with repulsor beams, boost thrusters, and other things. You will able to customize the suit according to the requirements. 

  • Return into Vice City

Nothing is better than GTA vice city that always holds a perfect place in a lot of players’ hearts. Recently, Rockstar has updated such a fantastic game with a lot of interesting features. The latest version of the game is associated with shimmering sunsets and rippling waters as well. GTA 5 is associated with a variety of things like working traffic lights, car generators, and other things. 

  • Build an underwater Megalopolis

There are so many best cities are available in the underwater. You will have to think regarding Atlantis, which is one of the most important Phantom Menace. If you are one who is playing GTA 5, then one will surely be able to take realism to another level.  One has to convert the airplane pilots in Psychopathic killers. 

  • Unique nature of the vehicle

The popularity of GTA 5 is continually getting the hype because it is associated with so many great vehicles and themes. In order to win the complicated level in GTA 5, then one has to create proper strategies. Make sure that you are investing a considerable amount of time in learning about the missions. After starting the game, one has to customize the character properly. You will have to create a powerful character in GTA 5.

Conclusive words

Lastly, Cybertruck is a fairly most important vehicle in GTA 5. You will find a lot of players are taking such a fantastic vehicle on the complicated missions.  If possible, then you should purchase the Cybertruck in advance.

Arnold Natural Flax And Fiber Bread

We really like eating as many natural foods as possible. A loaf of bread was one of the items on our list when we went to the supermarket. After reading many labels for a few different loaves of bread we decided to buy a loaf of the “Arnold Natural Flax  Fiber Bread”. This is one of the most famous brands when it comes to fiber bread. However, there are lots of people that are allergic to this bread because of the nuts and other ingredients used in them. If you are unaware of your allergies you can check out the Allergy test in the UK to learn about your food allergies if you have any. 

I truly enjoy reading the labels and the packaging on the different items we purchase at the supermarket. The “Arnold Natural Flax Fiber Bread” label let me know that it was 100% all-natural with 16 grams of whole grains and 4 grams of fiber per slice. Some of the ingredients include wheat germ, flaxseeds, and oats.

The package also explains that the “Arnold Natural Flax Fiber Bread” follows a “Natural Heritage” since 1940, when Dean and Betty Arnold opened up a bakery in Connecticut with a mission to make premium bread with a taste as close as possible to “Homemade Quality”.

The bread package also lists in all capital letters the fact that the bread is made: “All Natural with no artificial flavors, no colors, no preservatives, no corn syrup, and no trans fats”.

  • Arnold Foods Co., Inc. is located in Horsham, PA 19044.
  • Their telephone number is 1-800-984-0989.
  • Their company website

After you click on the “Healthy Lifestyle” tab of the Arnold website, the “Grain Facts” section explains that the government suggests that at least half of one’s daily carbohydrates should come from heart-healthy whole grains. Whole grains contain the total amount of the natural grain without anything removed as it is done do make white flour.

By following the above “Grain Facts” link, you can visit this direct link where you can specifically read a description of “The Arnold Natural Flax  Fiber Bread”. At the bottom of the page, Arnold also offers a feature if you want to find out where you can buy this bread. You simply enter your zip code; click the arrow at its right and you will be given the name or names of the nearby stores that carry this bread.

For a serving size of one slice, some of the nutrition facts from the bread packaging include 80 calories, total fat of 1.5g, with 3g of sugar, and 4g of dietary fiber.

For a quick and easy lunch, my wife prepared each of us a sandwich on the “Arnold Natural Flax  Fiber Bread” using pepper loaf cold cuts and tomato slices. The bread complemented the cold cuts and gave the sandwich a very nice taste.

I was told by my doctor to increase my fiber intake. This “Arnold Natural Flax Fiber Bread” proved to be a tasty way to increase my fiber intake! We will continue to look for more sales for this delicious whole grain bread.

Silent Hill: Downpour Review and knowing the concept of the gameplay

Silent Hill: Downpour, developed by Vatra Games and published by Konami, begins with truly exciting 3D compatible graphics, allowing gamers to experience more fully the blood and gore effects of the Silent Hill universe. Needless to say, the graphics are enticing and keep you on your toes, but it appears there’s an error in all this new hardware Konami has steering up. Throughout every instant of the game play, if you run your main character (Murphy) too fast, run into a monster, hit a cut scene, find a side mission, or simply have a light flicker in the town of “Silent Hill” near you, the game glitches with each movement-leaving your character in slow motion footing, and you screaming at the TV.

There are many factors to Silent Hill: Downpour that simply does not meet older Silent Hill’s previous accomplishments. (All of them minus Silent Hill: The Room. We won’t even go there.) Aside from the constant glitches, the other significant disappoint is the actual world of “Silent Hill.” Remember in those previous games when you enter the alternate reality of “Silent Hill,” the room rips to shreds, blood streams the walls, and the creatures that pop out at you have you screaming words that cannot be posted in this review? Well, if you were looking to scare the wits out of yourself, this is not the game for that. Although the main character does enter “Silent Hill” in its alternate state, it’s merely a large atmospheric light sucking in the environment. Sounds a little entertaining, until all you do is run away from it. There’s never a moment where you explore the alternate reality of “Silent Hill.” I mean, is it really that scary to run from a suction ball of “Silent Hill,” or turn corners to find more terrifyingly messed up things? Answer: at first-not so bad, by mid-game-definitely bad.

And what about all those crazy different looking monsters you run into? It seems that after you encounter your first monster, they somehow get worse and worse until you can’t even manage to eat and play because they become so disgustingly deformed. Well, in Silent Hill: Downpour, don’t except that. In fact, there are literally 4 different monster variants. All annoying to fight, and all with the ability to render your main character useless for about 10 seconds-seriously Konami? At first, you feel nervous, I mean, you’ve been rendered useless! But after the twentieth time it becomes a nuisance.

Remember when you’d run into those monsters and the music would get so loud you couldn’t help but to panic and think, “Where is it??! I need to kill it!!” That doesn’t happen either. In fact, the music doesn’t get loud at all, and the fighting system is a simple block and hit dance. Boring.

Finally, let’s talk storyline. As usual, expect a twisted and mentally screwed up storyline (at least we still got that). Yet again, another disappointment occurs. In an effort to make the puzzles more challenging there is not a set system of where to go next during your game play. Yes, you have a map (if you find it), but it’s useless. In older Silent Hill’s the game would stop after each mission, and circle where you need to go next. In Downpour, there’s a lot of aimless running around, which I guess is helpful for the all side quests.

The puzzles are hard, but the game controls can sometimes be frustrating. At times, the angel of the game is set askew and it becomes difficult to move the main character around, shoot a repetitious creature, or even open a safe lock.

Being a huge Silent Hill fan, the last thing I wanted to see was a failure (especially when I throw 60 dollars down to get the game), but I can’t say that I honestly enjoyed Silent Hill: Downpour. The mechanics were off, the music, lighting (sometimes so dark you can’t see-there’s a point of frightening and just irritated squinted eyes), fighting systems, mapping, environment, and movement that the game became a mere pain to play.

I missed the alternate reality of “Silent Hill,” and its horrifying creatures. If it would have at least had that, I would have been much more satisfied. From honest gamer to gamer, I’d give Silent Hill: Downpour a 5/10. (And that’s probably a little biased because I do enjoy the Silent Hill series.) Not as bad as Silent Hill: The Room, but too close for comfort. I recommend if you want to play Downpour, you borrow it from a friend, rent it, or buy it used. The gamer can visit for better playing of the games. The mods will be available at the given website.

Weight Loss For A Sedentary Lifestyle

The reason I am writing this is to encourage others and help them feel their best. This is not an extremely quick weight loss, but a more relaxed, easier, and longer lasting weight loss. If you are like me you have seen all of these infomercials, and advertisements of products and diets that promise immediate results that will cost you time and money. I personally have a sedentary lifestyle and my exercise consists of walking while shopping, and playing with my one year old. This hasn’t changed one bit during my weight loss.

The majority of us would like to lose a few pounds, and that is understandable. I was in that same situation a year ago. My wife and I just had a son, my asthma was at it’s worst, and my weight was at its highest point. If I do any sort of exercise my entire body breaks out in hives; that takes out any chances for workouts. When I decided it was time to take off some weight I looked up what my current Body Mass Index (bmi) was, and what it should be. When dealing with bmi calculators you have to remember that they are generalized and do not take into consideration some of the important specifics of your body, but they are a good estimate of what the average person of your height should weigh. According to my bmi I needed to loose around 50 pounds to be comfortably within the realms of what was considered healthy. Weight loss clinic Houston also recommends to do some research online about some motivation on how you will be inspired in losing weight. With the help of technology, this should be even easier. 

The next step in the plan was to figure out what were the contributing factors to my weight, and what could be done without drastically changing my lifestyle. One of the first things that I realized were contributing factors were the liquids I was consuming. Venti Starbucks drinks, milk shakes, and sugary soda’s were a lot of added and unnecessary calories that I could cut out. I replaced the majority with water, green tea, and black coffee instead of sugary coffee. Now I know that black coffee could be a bit extreme or undo-able for some that is fine just limit the amount of sugar intake in the coffee. When I had a craving for something sweet that I could not get rid of I would drink some juice. When you take the majority of the drinks that have calories in them away and replace them with water it makes more of a difference than you would think. For instance you could replace a can of pop with a bottle of water or a cup of green tea, and that would trim about 220 calories off your daily intake. These are just excess calories that are not giving you sustenance.

In regards to food intake the real thing to consider is replacing empty calories with healthier and more filling calories. An example of this would be if you are having a chicken sandwich and you would normally go for fried chicken, you might want to opt for grilled instead as a much healthier alternative. Outside of adding more vegetables and less junk food, I tried to lower my intake of sugars, and sodium. Sodium to my best understanding regulates a lot of your water retention, and an excess of it will cause you to retain excess water. A lot of diet pills out there show fast results because they block this water retention and even to the point where you do not retain a healthy amount. This causes you to quickly drop weight especially if you are working out at the same time, but as soon as you stop taking the pills and resume the same sodium intake most of that weight will come right back. I’m not saying that sugar and sodium are bad; they just have to be consumed in moderation.

As I mentioned earlier I needed to loose around 50 pounds. I finally reached that goal in the latter part of 2012, and in the months that have passed I have maintained my goal weight within a 10 pound window. Did I cheat along the way? Absolutely, and I ate what I wanted over the holidays. You have to allow for some things that you desire or else you will get burnt out and never continue on. It was not a rapid weight loss and it was slower as time went on. You can not get discouraged during that period of time. The other thing you can not rely on people to comment on the weight loss right away either. Most people I know did not notice anything until I had reached my goal, and some didn’t comment even then. Only you know your real progress. Keep your chin up. Find a partner to confide in if you can. If not that’s fine. You can do it. You have to stick with it, and push your self through temptations to give up. I have a compulsive personality, and ADD for that matter; it was tough to stay motivated, but you have to have a positive perspective about the future you. I’m proud to say that I feel 100% better than I did 50 pounds ago. You can too.