Parallels between Marketing and Gaming Guru in Online Gaming World

Introduction to Gaming Guru

Gaming guru is a platform in DominoQQ where non-professionals and non-programmers can easily create a game out of their creative skills by providing the creator with enumerable features such as use of latest graphics technology, design formation, simple encoding and sharing the game for sale without legal formalities. It also offers tutorials and samples for new learners.

Gaming Guru as a guide to marketers

Marketing and Gaming Guru both are closely bound regarding mechanism preferred to present and popularise their products. Here is the list of various aspects which a marketer may imitate and employ from the world of online gaming:

  • Use of visuals and influencing theme-based story: – The advertisement of most of the games consists of a story of a devil and provokes the player to come up as a saviour and play game. Similarly, marketers may use some themes in advertisement to stimulate the general public to buy the product or service.
  • Optimum use of social media: – In the present era of advancement, neither games nor marketing could go without the use of social media. As the games are connected to the social sites similarly marketing may add their pages and links to social sites for massive reach.
  • Creation of brand loyalty: – A game is in its prosperity stage until it has loyal customer, therefore, marketers may have an idea of increasing brand value and brand worth by offering products and services in accordance with demands of customers to grab loyal customers.


The track of marketing and online gaming goes hand in hand. Hence the tools used to make a game success may prove to equally helpful in making a business a success.


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