Pokemon Trading And Special Trading

One of the great features of Pokemon Go is that it allows you to trade with real people this time around. Unlike back in the day, where the only way used to be with a virtual player within the game. There are a lot of STEEM IT posts, as a matter of fact that talk about this game perk, and all the other perks that the game has. Trading is a feature in Pokemon Go that allows you to be friendly with each other, as well as develop camaraderie and give you more motivations to play. With that said, what are the things that go on in every Pokemon Trading session? Let’s find out below!


Trading only takes place within friends of 100 meters. The IVs are then re-rolled whenever you transfer, hence you should not do all at once. Also, you do have to pay in Stardust for you to roll out a regular trade, and candy bonuses will also depend on the distances from which they are caught. The trading screen can also show the CP and HP range of the Pokemon, and the range will also depend on your friendship level, as well as the level of the players in the whole process.

Special Trading

There are rules that only apply whenever trading Legendary, Shiny, and other types of Pokemon which are not yet caught. One example of this one is that of the regional level. Note that special trading is not applicable in other places. Furthermore, you can also get a special trade in every day, however, they cost a lot in terms of stardust per trade, where some transactions even cost as much as 1M stardust on the lowest level of friendship. If you’re willing to spend this much, then so be it.


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