How to Prepare Your Home for Child Care

You are now licensed and ready to accept children in your Family Day Care Home. You have decided on the rate that you will be charging and the days and hours that you will be available. There are various successful and popular childcare centers that you can visit to learn more about this process. One such institution is Kindle School. Kindle School is a coeducational Nursery and Primary school that you can visit to see what you need in terms of staff and facilities to run your center smoothly. 

Now you need to set your home up to meet the needs and demands of your family and run a successful business. Even though you are staying at home, you want to be able to separate your family life from your work. If you don’t you may feel overwhelmed and eventually, this will play an important role in how successful your business is.

You will need to provide toys for each age group, storybooks, dress-up clothes, arts and crafts, computer time, diapering area, nap area, a friendly place to eat with booster chairs and high chairs. Additionally, you need a place to keep shoes, jackets, and bags. If you are able to have a couple of rooms just for child care, that is great. Some people have turned their basement into their child care area, sectioning off areas as needed. If you don’t have ample space, consider sectioning off certain areas in each room appropriately. For example, you will need a place to read storybooks at storytime. You also need a place to keep them. A corner in your family room would be great. Buy some scatter rugs, one for each child, for them to sit on during the reading time. This will help the children know that when they are sitting on the rug, you are reading a story. Don’t force them to sit on the rugs.

To avoid getting stuck in a rut and overwhelmed, consider purchasing uniform shirts or certain outfits to wear while you are tending to children. When your last child leaves, you can change into the clothes you enjoy wearing around the house. While working at home offers many rewards, you very seldom have quality time for yourself to do what you like to do. Your work and your home life will eventually seem like they run together. This will leave you feeling like you can never get anything done and overwhelmed. But there is a way to avoid that. From the beginning, you need to have your child care sectioned off and you need to wear certain clothes. You also need a day to clean your child’s care and sanitize your equipment. Buy a sign to hang in the window that reads Open or Closed. Anything that you can do to separate your work from home will only help you.

Plan a day full of activities for children to do, so that you are constantly busy and so are they. The children will learn a lot from you because you spend most of their awake time with them. You provide the basic needs in a small group environment. With children, everything is an adventure. You can escape the television for a trip across the deep blue sea, or visit the statue of liberty on a make-believe boat. When you take the children out, take time to look at the clouds and try to figure out the shapes. Arts and Craft time doesn’t always have to be an expensive craft for them to take home every week. It can be a plain piece of paper that has a picture of something that they created. Once a week, provide a time where they can help prepare lunch. This helps them to pay attention to what others need and want. It also lets them feel important and responsible. Children need that. Child care shouldn’t be about children sitting around and watching television until their parents come back. It is your time to make their world open up to a completely new light.

Taking care of children offers you unlimited hugs and kisses, little hands that depend on yours to guide them, little hearts that offer a lot of love, and a special time that lets the child in you feel free.


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