Problem caused by roaches and how to reduce them

Cockroaches are the most commonly seen inset that most of the people are really afraid of. They are the one who infects our food and other elements of our house. Cockroaches are really repulsive it can be seen only by their presence. They can easily transfer the very harmful disease to your house. They spread bacteria which start all the health disease. According to a research, the most important reason for the problem of allergy in humans is due to these cockroaches and after that the house dust. You need to keep a roach killer at your house so that whenever you see a roach just kill him at that point of time.

Step of how to reduce cockroaches at your house

To catch the roaches you need to go slowly and step-by-step. If you rely on products than it may take time to eliminate them. You must take initiative to get them from all sides. First of all, you need to find the nest of these cockroaches. Most of them may be found near the water source. Because water is their favorite place. You need to find the place where there are the maximum numbers of them.  After you have found the place you need to spread the boric acid in that place. If there are some cracks then seal them so that they are not able to go anywhere. Also, put boric acid bait all over the house in every corner. Put it under the sinks, corners cupboards and every other place where you think that these roaches can come.

Spay the insecticide on all the floor of the basement and flooring of your house or business enterprise. It is really fast than boric acid. Clean all the water and food sources for them. Keep all the food sealed and the dustbin clean and dry so that the cockroaches are not able to get any food for them. Just keep a trail of food and water to the boric acid. If they eat the food and take it to others then they all die.


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