This Shop Can Help You Shop Even Without A Credit Card

If you have always wanted to shop online without having to pay huge bills then it’s best to get yourself a CVV code online from unicc shop that can enable you to shop without having to use your own credit card. Although this is a smart thing to do, if you want to get a second credit card then here are a few things you should keep in mind.



  • Always know your credit score and research cards based on that. Customers often assume that if they have a credit card, getting a second one will not be a problem. However, many customers often wonder “Why did my second card application get rejected?” This is because credit scores vary every month based on other factors.
  • Always choose a secured credit card if this is your first card. This will also help you build your credit history and ensure that you do not default on your payments as there is collateral against the credit card.
  • Always consider your spending capacity. You do not want to bite more than you can chew. Prepare your monthly expenditure and income list. This will hold you in good stead.



  • Do not apply for the first credit card that you see. Always compare options before applying for a credit card.
  • Never miss a payment when you hold a credit card. Even a single missed payment can go a long way in denting your credit history. Always keep in mind; credit history once damaged is very difficult to repair.
  • Do not apply for multiple credit cards at the same time. Even though you might get one card approved, the disapproval for the other cards affects your credit history negatively.


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