Silent Hill: Downpour Review and knowing the concept of the gameplay

Silent Hill: Downpour, developed by Vatra Games and published by Konami, begins with truly exciting 3D compatible graphics, allowing gamers to experience more fully the blood and gore effects of the Silent Hill universe. Needless to say, the graphics are enticing and keep you on your toes, but it appears there’s an error in all this new hardware Konami has steering up. Throughout every instant of the game play, if you run your main character (Murphy) too fast, run into a monster, hit a cut scene, find a side mission, or simply have a light flicker in the town of “Silent Hill” near you, the game glitches with each movement-leaving your character in slow motion footing, and you screaming at the TV.

There are many factors to Silent Hill: Downpour that simply does not meet older Silent Hill’s previous accomplishments. (All of them minus Silent Hill: The Room. We won’t even go there.) Aside from the constant glitches, the other significant disappoint is the actual world of “Silent Hill.” Remember in those previous games when you enter the alternate reality of “Silent Hill,” the room rips to shreds, blood streams the walls, and the creatures that pop out at you have you screaming words that cannot be posted in this review? Well, if you were looking to scare the wits out of yourself, this is not the game for that. Although the main character does enter “Silent Hill” in its alternate state, it’s merely a large atmospheric light sucking in the environment. Sounds a little entertaining, until all you do is run away from it. There’s never a moment where you explore the alternate reality of “Silent Hill.” I mean, is it really that scary to run from a suction ball of “Silent Hill,” or turn corners to find more terrifyingly messed up things? Answer: at first-not so bad, by mid-game-definitely bad.

And what about all those crazy different looking monsters you run into? It seems that after you encounter your first monster, they somehow get worse and worse until you can’t even manage to eat and play because they become so disgustingly deformed. Well, in Silent Hill: Downpour, don’t except that. In fact, there are literally 4 different monster variants. All annoying to fight, and all with the ability to render your main character useless for about 10 seconds-seriously Konami? At first, you feel nervous, I mean, you’ve been rendered useless! But after the twentieth time it becomes a nuisance.

Remember when you’d run into those monsters and the music would get so loud you couldn’t help but to panic and think, “Where is it??! I need to kill it!!” That doesn’t happen either. In fact, the music doesn’t get loud at all, and the fighting system is a simple block and hit dance. Boring.

Finally, let’s talk storyline. As usual, expect a twisted and mentally screwed up storyline (at least we still got that). Yet again, another disappointment occurs. In an effort to make the puzzles more challenging there is not a set system of where to go next during your game play. Yes, you have a map (if you find it), but it’s useless. In older Silent Hill’s the game would stop after each mission, and circle where you need to go next. In Downpour, there’s a lot of aimless running around, which I guess is helpful for the all side quests.

The puzzles are hard, but the game controls can sometimes be frustrating. At times, the angel of the game is set askew and it becomes difficult to move the main character around, shoot a repetitious creature, or even open a safe lock.

Being a huge Silent Hill fan, the last thing I wanted to see was a failure (especially when I throw 60 dollars down to get the game), but I can’t say that I honestly enjoyed Silent Hill: Downpour. The mechanics were off, the music, lighting (sometimes so dark you can’t see-there’s a point of frightening and just irritated squinted eyes), fighting systems, mapping, environment, and movement that the game became a mere pain to play.

I missed the alternate reality of “Silent Hill,” and its horrifying creatures. If it would have at least had that, I would have been much more satisfied. From honest gamer to gamer, I’d give Silent Hill: Downpour a 5/10. (And that’s probably a little biased because I do enjoy the Silent Hill series.) Not as bad as Silent Hill: The Room, but too close for comfort. I recommend if you want to play Downpour, you borrow it from a friend, rent it, or buy it used. The gamer can visit for better playing of the games. The mods will be available at the given website.


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